Listen Up! Tunes from July

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Crazy road trips, lazy days, ice cream cones, and if your lucky, some sweet surfing……Welcome August!

I am ready for those last happy moments of summer. What better way to spend it than to play a perfect music playlist. These are all of  the songs I featured in the month of July. I have been happily listening non-stop and decided to add another surprise tune at the end. Enjoy!




Martha-Dust, Juice, Bones and Hair



“I am mostly bones, I am mostly liquids, I am mostly air.”



Martha is a band out of Durham, UK and it is kind of funny that no one in the band is named Martha. How’d they come up with that name?

Even though the name is sort of generic, the band’s sound is definitely not. Formed by siblings, Naomi (bass, vocals) and Nathan Griffin (drums, vocals), they are also joined by J. Cairns (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Ellis (guitar, vocals). Their music is pop punk and if you are adventurous, totally entertaining ear listening.  This tune, “Dust, Juice, Bones, and Hair”, is from their recently released album, Courting Strong. It has smashing drums that are perfectly timed with buzzy, driven guitars and enhanced by imaginative, quirky lyrics. It is a jump up and down sound, badly needed for midweek listening.

You’re welcome….

But, honestly, don’t thank me, thank Martha by checking out their facebook page, or listen and buy on Bandcamp.