About & Music Submissions

When someone close to you shares a song they love, don’t you listen with heart? What happens when life gets in the way and new music doesn’t get shared, but you still want to discover new bands and artists. Shazam! I do a lot of the hard work for you. I comb music sites, read up on all of the music news, learn about changes and trends, and listen to tons of songs!

My music blog (www.immersedincoolmusic.com) started out as a wild, 31 day challenge of listening and finding music that connects my head and my heart. That was 2013. I have been blogging ever since. It has been a joyous global experience, because I have followers all over the world and I have shared talented bands that you may never have heard before.

My personal story (Monday moods, love, personal growth, frustrations, Friday celebrating, band viewing, and day-to-day living) helps to guide the music I choose to share. I like to explore all music genres, but mostly Alternative/Indie rock. I invite you to visit, listen, and take a look around. Please share with your friends. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.


Band/Artist Submissions

If you happen to have a music submission, send it to me, Carrie, at immersedinm@gmail.com. I am always listening, so help me a little by sending an easy link (like soundcloud or bandcamp). While I am listening, I would also love to read some background information and maybe see press shots that I can use. I canā€™t wait to hear all of the music you have to share. Bring it on!

Please be patient because my inbox stays full, but I always listen. If I love it, I bookmark it, and may go back to it at any time. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumbler.



5 thoughts on “About & Music Submissions

  1. Hi Carrie,
    I would love to send you some music from our aritsts. Please let me know if you are interested and the best email to get releases to you.

    Thank you!

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