Mood Monday//Hovvdy-Meg and Problem

Fuzzy, lo-fi gems teasing us for the Hovvdy album, Taster

Mood Monday

Why am I deep into songs with a melancholy, fuzzed out sound?  It is a bit weird, and it doesn’t make any sense, because it is incredibly beautiful outside and it makes me wildly happy.  All I can say is these songs impact me and make me obsessed about the band, Hovvdy, out of Austin, Texas.

Give a listen.


Perhaps this band is a purely nostalgic sound for me. You know, the 90’s era of fuzzy, lo-fi vocals, a bit off kilter and perfectly paired with a rhythmic drumbeat? I think bands are trying to reinvent this sound lately, but Hovvdy really pulls it off  creatively and authentically.


Hovvdy is Charlie Martin and Will Taylor out of Austin. Both band members are primarily drummers, and they had to pick up the guitar to round out their music. Even though the songs are somewhat simple, there is an appeal that is unavoidable. “Meg” is the latest release from their album out on April 15th. “Problem” was their first tune sent to the masses, and both songs prove to be exciting, tempting appetizers that excite my musical palate.  All puns intended, because the title of their album is Taster. Bet they hear that a lot! Sorry, I couldn’t help my nerdy self.


Perhaps my mood is joyous based on listening to a nostalgic sound that recalls an important time in the shape shifting of music. The sound is calming as it dances on my brain, but at the same time plays a little tough to decipher with the hushed out vocals (worthy of repeated listens). I am clearly a fan of Hovvdy and I expect you might be too. Beginning tomorrow, they are touring around the states in support of the new album, so mark the dates and be sure to check them out live.

April 5-15 – Hovvdy Tour
     5 – Nashville, TN – Pill Haus
     6 – Athens, OH – The Pink Mistress
     8 – Philadelphia, PA – Goldilocks Gallery
     9 – Brooklyn, NY – 603^ (Silent Barn) w/ Fraternal Twin
     10 – Brooklyn, NY – Palisades w/ Doubles, Harmony Trividad, & The Glow
     11 – Washington D.C. – Above the Bayou w/ Princess Reason, Tall Friend & Jauze
     12 – Richmond, VA – Strange Matter w/ HeadlessMantis, Cat Be Damned, & Ghosts
     13 – Athens, GA – The World Famous
     14 – New Orleans, LA – Heaven’s Gate
     15 – Austin, TX – French House (album release)

Porches-Car//immersed in cool music

The simple can be very complex.

Look closer.




One of the most beautiful things to me, is witnessing abundant sunshine pouring through a window on a cold winter day. The shadows it creates are artistic and lovely. If your eyes are keenly sharp and focused, the floating dust becomes visible and almost poetic as it moves in the light. A simple vision that goes unnoticed day after day, yet when focused on, can almost unnerve the senses.

I remember distinctly the first time I discovered this, as a child, sitting in my father’s favorite wingback chair in a dark basement, TV room. I witnessed a glimmer of sunlight coming through, but it caught my attention and struck me as an interesting, curious phenomena.

Many things we take for granted can, slowly and sleepily, be ignored or forgotten. Do we recognize the beauty and the uniqueness of those everyday occurrences, when we are busy and hurried? Perhaps it is in the quietest hour, where the simple can become utterly beautiful. Oddly, in the calm, I have the feeling of being adrift in a world surrounded by others, yet strangely my thoughts are separate. I wish I knew what others might be thinking. What others might see.

This morning, I woke from a deep sleep, and as my brain ‘came to’ from slumbering dreams, a strand of sunshine swam across my eyes through a small crack in the bedroom blinds. It was a lovely way to wake and it reminded me of that childhood moment, when I felt safe and loved and wildly curious about the world. An honest reflection on time, space and the simplicity of life.


I am such a nutty fan of Porches. I have been happily listening to them for many years. Their new album, Pool, is out now. Many of the songs grabbed me right away, but “Car”, is a favorite on an album of twelve really solid tunes. Known for his toe tapping beat and smooth, soft vocals this Porches song doesn’t disappoint. “Car” is a lovingly simple idea, yet curiously can become a complex deep thought in its delivery. In my own thoughts, I contemplate my inner ‘drive’ and the direction I am headed, how about you?



“Oh what a machine

Oh what a machine

Oh what a machine



photo by jessica lehrman
photo by jessica lehrman


The song, “Car”, is titled after an everyday object that we sometimes take for granted until we are without it. A car provides movement and keeps us going forward and beyond where we would be able to go otherwise. I love the way the music spins like a wheel of predictability, but is so pleasing to the ears. Vocals that echo deeply and guitars which keep the music in motion, only confirm the growth of the songwriting and production. I have praised the work of Porches. before, so check this link to catch up and learn more about Aaron Maine and the band.

This song is just one example of many on the album that exemplifies the growing confidence of Aaron Maine of Porches. Here is another beautiful example…simple, yet the idea is so powerful and complex.

Enjoy. These two songs only scratch the surface of the bittersweet depths of the album, Pool.

Porches. Security

Mood Monday-Twerps-I Don’t Mind

Mood Monday, oops, it is really the middle of the night… so it is a Tuesday tune that totally expresses my frame of mind.

Some moments in life are just ambiguous and hazy and fuzzy.



I get it, and right now, I completely understand. The vague nature of this song interests me greatly. Neutral, detached, and impartial come to mind. Something is always going to happen positive or negative, so for some days, maybe it isn’t worth the effort to think it through too much or worry about it.

“This too shall pass.”

The earliest recording of the adage, “This too shall pass”, is from the fable of a powerful king who asks assembled wise men to create a ring that will make him happy when he is sad. After much deliberation, the sages hand him a simple ring with the words “This too will pass” etched on it. Yes, it works and helps him to be happy when he is sad, but it became a curse whenever he is happy. This too shall pass, also is attributed to King Solomon and Abraham Lincoln. Words that have been passed along from generation to generation must be wise, right?

So, all it takes is to wait things out and stay open minded to whatever comes along. It will pass….

good or bad.

This low-fi perceptive song, is under my skin and gurgling. It is hazy and fuzzy, but somehow really important in it’s delivery. Won’t you listen with me.

“I Don’t Mind” is a tune from the album, Range Anxiety, by the Australian band, Twerps. It is the simple guitar and the simple lackadaisical voice of Marty Frawley that powerfully drives an unusual emphasis into haze and indecision.


It builds from the uncomplicated with choruses and it becomes a track that stays with me. Hazy and fuzzy and perfect for my mood. The entire album is worth your time, or maybe not. I don’t mind. You choose.

I do know that I won’t worry about what comes my way or doesn’t.

That, in and of itself, is incredibly powerful and freeing.

Craft Spells-Breaking The Angle Against The Tide

Mood Monday.

Love at first listen.


This is Craft Spells and their new single, “Breaking The Angle Against The Tide”.  Sad lyrics surrounded by strings and melodies that seem to suggest the opposite. A song in contrast that steals your attention and convinces you that the new LP, Nausea, is worth a listen.

Yes, yes it is.

Pleasing instrumentals, soothing vocals, and interesting arrangements create a compilation of 11 tracks that will provide a nice diversion from the typical.