Mood Monday-Twerps-I Don’t Mind

Mood Monday, oops, it is really the middle of the night… so it is a Tuesday tune that totally expresses my frame of mind.

Some moments in life are just ambiguous and hazy and fuzzy.



I get it, and right now, I completely understand. The vague nature of this song interests me greatly. Neutral, detached, and impartial come to mind. Something is always going to happen positive or negative, so for some days, maybe it isn’t worth the effort to think it through too much or worry about it.

“This too shall pass.”

The earliest recording of the adage, “This too shall pass”, is from the fable of a powerful king who asks assembled wise men to create a ring that will make him happy when he is sad. After much deliberation, the sages hand him a simple ring with the words “This too will pass” etched on it. Yes, it works and helps him to be happy when he is sad, but it became a curse whenever he is happy. This too shall pass, also is attributed to King Solomon and Abraham Lincoln. Words that have been passed along from generation to generation must be wise, right?

So, all it takes is to wait things out and stay open minded to whatever comes along. It will pass….

good or bad.

This low-fi perceptive song, is under my skin and gurgling. It is hazy and fuzzy, but somehow really important in it’s delivery. Won’t you listen with me.

“I Don’t Mind” is a tune from the album, Range Anxiety, by the Australian band, Twerps. It is the simple guitar and the simple lackadaisical voice of Marty Frawley that powerfully drives an unusual emphasis into haze and indecision.


It builds from the uncomplicated with choruses and it becomes a track that stays with me. Hazy and fuzzy and perfect for my mood. The entire album is worth your time, or maybe not. I don’t mind. You choose.

I do know that I won’t worry about what comes my way or doesn’t.

That, in and of itself, is incredibly powerful and freeing.

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