Big Indie Sounds From Australia-Mansionair-Speak Easy

Do you ever want to get the heck out of dodge? You know go, go, go until your gas runs out or your money disappears?


Well, I totally get the wish to move, and travel, and learn, all the time. My cheapy way to deal with it is to think about and listen to music half way across the world. It doesn’t cost me a dime and I can pretend that I am in a new place, close my eyes, and dig the sound that happens to surround me.

I have been getting some seriously good tunes and vibes from Australia. Well, we all know Lorde and of course, Tame Impala rules the roost, but what about those other bands in the country the size of almost the entire USA

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.38.00 PM

There are some crazy good tunes from the other side of the earth, Australia. I’ve been really listening to the choices lately, and I will break down my favorites, one track at a time for you! Travel the earth with me and let’s head to the land down under to give their bands a listen.

Mansionair-“Speak Easy”

I have blogged about them before (click here) and find their sound to be one of my favorites. Their new EP, Pick Me Up, that releases on October 2, is exciting for me, because I hear so much growth and definition in this song since their last project. When I listen to the song, “Speak Easy”, I am transported to a space that is filled with incredibly soothing, distinctive, memorable vocals, and music that speaks to my heart.


It’s funny to me that just about a year ago there was very little information about the band and fortunately they are a little more savvy and have distributed some more information to help others get to know them better. Well, in my frantic search for more, I found this great interview. Everything you ever wanted to know, and then some! Lucy vs The Globe

When you read that interview, don’t you feel as if you know Lachlan and Alex, of Mansionair,  just a little bit better? Not sure where the amazing vocalist, Jack was, because he has the pipes that hold this group together. With a huge tour in the states (wait…what??? No Atlanta????) supporting Chvrches from September 30th until November 5th,  I think you should totally check them out (tour dates here).

How cool is it to pretend to be in Australia, while simply hanging out in our own backyard. Stay tuned while we stay in Aussie land for awhile.


Little May-Hide

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.44.00 AM

We are catcalled, earn less for the same job, and if we argue an important issue, we are being “bitchy”, or if we are emotional, it must be “that time of the month”….right?

Today, I feel compelled to pay respect to being feminine, and of course, a fantastic all female band.

I love powerful female voices in music. Little May is definitely intoxicating, incredibly feminine, and unforgettable.

I wish I could always remember to jot down where I first heard a band/sound/musician, or who might have sent me their music. I really want to be sure to give kudos and credit to those that share beautiful music. They definitely deserve giant accolades for this one.

Just listen….

“Can you see me count to three, no I won’t play your hide and seek

Can you see me count to three, no I won’t play your hide and seek

Can you see me count to three, no I won’t play your hide and seek

Can you see me count to three, no I won’t play your hide and seek “


Little May picks a guitar like the world is spinning too fast and they have to balance it and counter it with their own tempo. It is lovely, and yet the lyrics can also be dark and unsettling, in a magical way. Little May is from Sydney, Australia and they create folk music at its finest. This song, “Hide” is beautiful and strummed with an intensity that beautifully matches the pounding drums and beat. Catchy and memorable, why did it take this long for me to hear this song?

Liz Drummond, Hannah Field, and Annie Hamilton, were three high school friends that came together in 2012. When I hear their music, I recognize a radically mature sound for their young age, and the music literally makes me screech to a halt to stop and  listen.

Power to the strong women of this world. Yes, those who speak their mind, know their value, and respect ALL voices.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.02.41 AM

Boy & Bear- Southern Sun and Three Headed Woman

In crazy, happy anticipation of tonight’s concert, I thought I would share the band that has my ears lately.


Boy and Bear is from Sydney, Australia and I found them listening to EAV radio, here in Atlanta. Then, I stumbled on them again when they appeared on Conan. With their thoughtful lyrics and their alternative, folk rock sensibilities, they definitely have my full attention.

They are David Hosking (vocals and guitar), Killian Gavin (vocals and guitar), Timothy Hart (drums and vocals), Jonathan Hart (vocals, banjo, mandolin and keyboards) and David Symes (bass). They have an album out now, Harlequin Dream. After further research, I found that they earned multiple awards in Australia, from breakthrough songwriter of the year to best group. If that doesn’t pique your interest, then just listen with your own ears.

“So come on, come on, I’m ready now
I got the feeling, honey, like I’m ready to roll
You see I’m not gonna wait til the ending
Cause I’ve got the burning fire in the bed of my soul”


“Oh but I hate you sometimes, for making me feel
The way I feel, for the love that keeps me sane
Is killing me all the same,
It’s killing me it’s killing me, I’m done”

Here’s the rest of their US tour.

Sat 11 Oct             The Loft at Center Stage, Atlanta

Sun 12 Oct           Southern Ground Music & Food Festival, Charleston

Mon 13 Oct          Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore

Wed 15 Oct           Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Thu 16 Oct            Royale, Boston

Fri 17 Oct              Le National, Montreal, CA

Sat 18 Oct              Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, CA

Mon 20 Oct           St. Andrews Hall, Detroit

Tue 21 Oct              Lincoln Hall, Chicago

Wed 22 Oct            Varsity Theatre, Minneapolis

Thu 23 Oct            The Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg, CA

Sat 25 Oct              The Starlite, Edmonton, CA

Sun 26 Oct             The Gateway, Calgary, CA

Tue 28 Oct             Sugar Nightclub, Victoria, CA

Wed 29 Oct            Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, CA

Thu 30 Oct             Neumos, Seattle

Sat 1 Nov               Grand Ballroom at Regency Center, San Francisco

After these dates, they head to Europe, check out the website for those. You really shouldn’t miss them.

Mansionair-Hold Me Down

Mood Monday.

Just because….this is my mood listening for today.


A sweet chill in the air.

A broad brush stroke of orangey reds sweeping across the sky, in one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed.

Then, the sudden harsh darkness which fell upon me, until I spotted the showy moon shining beyond control.

Finally, fall has arrived in Atlanta, GA. I am thanking my lucky stars for this day, this moment, this time.

For this, I am in need of an ethereal, chill tune.

Can’t get any better than the song, “Hold Me Down”.  Listen and love.


The thump of bass and the combination of high pitched vocals with dreamy, wonky synth, create an atmosphere of meditative beauty. Perfect for my mood today. Mansionair is totally new on the scene, but their sound has dug in to me and tattooed a bit of poetry across my mind and heart.


Please, don’t stop making music. You have a gift and I am in need of more. Mansionair is from Sydney and they are Lachlan, Alex & Jack. That’s it, that is all I know. Waiting, waiting, waiting, for more……..

Louis London-Hardly Hear You


Something cool for a day that was way too busy.

Louis London is Ed Saloman, Nick Ingall, Jack Kiddell, Jack O’Donnell, and Karl Fernandes. They are from Sydney, and I wish I had time before the end of today to do more research. Forgive me this time and just listen. I bet you might check out their Facebook page.

‘Hardly Hear You’ is Louis London’s first studio release and the opening track of their upcoming EP. I want to hear more, don’t you?


31 Days of Music

Day 1

The Khanz-Falling Apart (Director’s Cut)


Here is the best of today’s many music submissions. The Khanz are from Sydney, Australia. They are….

Themba – Rhythm guitar, lead vocals, synth
Harrison – Lead guitar, vocals
Gibo – Bass, vocals
Kat – Synth, percussion, vocals

This was a good day in music, because I found something that I really, really like. The steady start changes directions and sort of surprised me. Be sure to wait the minute or so for the nice vocals to come in.  Check them out on Facebook!