Mansionair-Hold Me Down

Mood Monday.

Just because….this is my mood listening for today.


A sweet chill in the air.

A broad brush stroke of orangey reds sweeping across the sky, in one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever witnessed.

Then, the sudden harsh darkness which fell upon me, until I spotted the showy moon shining beyond control.

Finally, fall has arrived in Atlanta, GA. I am thanking my lucky stars for this day, this moment, this time.

For this, I am in need of an ethereal, chill tune.

Can’t get any better than the song, “Hold Me Down”.  Listen and love.


The thump of bass and the combination of high pitched vocals with dreamy, wonky synth, create an atmosphere of meditative beauty. Perfect for my mood today. Mansionair is totally new on the scene, but their sound has dug in to me and tattooed a bit of poetry across my mind and heart.


Please, don’t stop making music. You have a gift and I am in need of more. Mansionair is from Sydney and they are Lachlan, Alex & Jack. That’s it, that is all I know. Waiting, waiting, waiting, for more……..

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