Tunes To Hear Right Now-Something For Everyone

Here’s what rocked my world this week, there is a sound for everyone in this bunch. Add some music to your weekend. Listen.


I have been on a live music free fall since Savannah Stopover, Big Thief/Mothers, and anticipating Cherry Glazerr/Ian Sweet/ Lala Lala tonight. Yep, Ian Sweet was at Stopover, and I couldn’t make the show, but now I can!

Even though I will be sure to relive all of those beautiful moments, I have to listen and look forward to the latest, newest music. Here’s what rocked my world this week, there is a sound for everyone in this bunch. Add some music to your weekend. Listen.


New to me,  Migrant Kids have been around Austin for a while now, and their Facebook Page says they are working on new music. This song is a beautiful heartfelt expression painted with the best plucking guitar…..(anybody else hear a modern version of Flock of Seagulls?) Swoon.


Migrant Kids-Thread


It is a phenomenally good week when this man puts out new music. Let’s all take the high road with Jason Isbell, a southern songwriting favorite.


Jason Isbell- Hope The High Road


The Drums are back! Jangly, joyous indie-pop with pleading lyrics. Love confessions. It hits us all.

“…Yes It’s true

that I hurt you

but I still love you,

I love you,

I still do…”


The Drums-Blood Under My Belt


I am insanely obsessed with this tune and Oddisee.…Perfect for a pick me up weekend dance tune. So much truth to the “things” in life.




Still reliving Savannah Stopover and can’t shake this catchy tune from my head. Weaves had a genre bouncing performance that was the bomb. Check out my day #3 at Stopover…Here. Love.




And to top it all off, I listened to this tune from my inbox today…a soothing sound with a matching vocal of calm. Melodic and pleasantly addicting, he’s out of San Diego, but now based in LA. Julian Jasper has a new EP out on May 5th. Good stuff right here, check him out.


Julian Jasper-2AM, Chinatown


Then, I don’t know about you, but I love to jam to the unexpected wild sound of newness. Meatbodies has such a raw garage band, punky and chunky, rock and roll sound. A step into the futuristic past (Is that a thing ?).


photo- Ada Rajkovic

Meatbodies-Creature Feature


I also added these tunes to my Spotify playlist for Jan/Feb/March. Check it out and follow along with me.



September Playlist

September Playlist-tumblr_mvuil43n591st4uz5o1_500

Rabbit rabbit!

Happy October to you! Here’s the music that I shared in the month of September, ten songs for about 40 minutes. The Tallest Trees and Jesse Taylor aren’t on Spotify yet, so I added two songs that I have been listening to this month. I think you’ll like these amazing songs from Luke Sital-Singh and Aphex Twin. If you haven’t already, follow me on Spotify and enjoy all of the playlists that I have created this past year. Enjoy!


Mood Monday-The Drums-Kiss Me Again

Mood Monday.

Have you ever been truly present in a moment and you never, ever wanted it to end?

It could be a creative spurt of energy, a loving relationship, a new and exciting job, a gathering of kind friends, a fun vacation, a conversation of past memories, even the simple loving embrace of a dear relative.

Well, the moving along of life sometimes gets in the way, and no matter how much you want to hold onto that beautiful moment, it can still slip past you and the experience, along with the joy, moves on. I am not sure why. Maybe it makes you appreciate and long for the moments that are spectacular and truly heart thumping and important?


Yes, bits of time move like waves from the ocean….bringing different perspectives with each wave that settles on the shore. They can be crashing and blasting, or simple, soft laps of water. Whichever one occurs, it is a pretty spectacular miracle.

Naturally, all moments ebb like the waves return to the sea. You wish for the feeling of joy to come again. Although, sometimes you may feel as if you could be waiting for a lifetime. You can either choose to find solace in the waiting, or just worry and doubt that it may never come your way or the same way, again. I choose to be patient.

I love the unpredictable flow of life and know, without question, that it may be an hour, a day, or even years, but incredible moments will eventually happen again.

I say that with sincere certainty.

I will never give in to the fear of worry and fret. I am hard wired that way and find a beautiful contentedness in knowing deep down that happiness will always come back around. Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced those life crushing blows, but those harsh moments in time have helped me realize that they too will eventually pass and joy will work its way back again.

Hardships and fear, will pass.

When they do, it makes room for those spectacular moments to occur, perhaps, randomly and without any warning. I like it that way. Glass half full, rose colored glasses, okay maybe, but they serve me happily. Sometimes I just have to be patient for my glass to fill up again or occasionally rub a soft cloth on my lenses to clear them.



This song, “Kiss Me Again” by The Drums is spotlighting one of those amazing moments in time.

Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham of The Drums sing about that butterfly in your stomach happiness that occurs when you kiss someone you love. It is a happy song from a couple of guys who confess they are never really happy,  Admittedly growing up always feeling like losers and outcasts, it is spectacular to find them singing and begging for joy to stay forever. Throughout the new album, you listen to other songs where the lyrics leave you a little heartbroken at the struggles and sadness they describe, but, the music makes you want to dance. A contrast for sure. Isn’t life that way?

Ebb and flow, ebb and flow. The entire new album, Encyclopedia, by The Drums is one of exploring and experimentation. Because of my internal nature and my tendency to look through those rosy glasses, I just had to feature this sweet song that shines a light on a wonderful moment in time that you never, ever want to end.