Mattiel-Count Your Blessings

Mattiel commands her power packed voice to belt out the lyrics among sing-song Doo-wop harmonies, guitars, horns, and toe tapping drum beats.

Slaughter Beach, Dog-Acolyte

Slaughter Beach, Dog’s “Acolyte” has an unhurried ebb and flow with whistling and humming melodies, and sweet guitar strumming. Listen.

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Haley Heynderickx-Oom Sha La La

From Haley’s folk leanings, wistful lyrics, stellar guitar plucking, and haunting vocals, an irresistibly catchy tune was born.

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Paperhaus-Go Cozy

Paperhaus -Go Cozy is chock full of dense instrumental flourishes and layers of swirling psychedelic rock

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Sharing my WUOG DJ set

I was lucky enough to play an hour long set at the radio station, WUOG 90.5, in Athens yesterday.

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Solar Eclipse 2017-Greenville SC

The celestial wonder on Monday dazzled me. I had just witnessed a lifetime event, with thousands of new found friends. We were one, we were humans, all connected by our place on this planet.

Cape Francis-Iditarod

A folk-driven ballad where Henthorn’s voice cries out alongside haunting back vocals, a piano, and a simple drum beat.

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