Solar Eclipse 2017-Greenville SC

The celestial wonder on Monday dazzled me. I had just witnessed a lifetime event, with thousands of new found friends. We were one, we were humans, all connected by our place on this planet.

Cape Francis-Iditarod

A folk-driven ballad where Henthorn’s voice cries out alongside haunting back vocals, a piano, and a simple drum beat.

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New Music from Omni with “Equestrian”

Omni capture the stop and go jolt of vocals, jump dance vibe, and press the refresh button on a punk era that created a happy raucous of faithful fans.

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What’s not to love with the snap of jarring lyrics, rollicking and rolling melody, and the infused powerful harmonica?

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Cover Songs of Love

A breath of new life in a few classic, passionate love songs. Totally melt worthy.

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Zack Villere-Cool

Being insecure, and worrying about your cool factor are feelings we all go through from time to time. Zack captures this perfectly in a tune.

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Hoops-Sun’s Out

I will have to plan another beach trip soon, very soon. But, while waiting, I can watch this nostalgic video on repeat!

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(Sandy) Alex G-Bobby

The fiddle and the banjo emphasize the light expression of affection and the unusual ease at which one might sacrifice it all, or withstand any condition, for continued companionship.

Angelica Garcia-Orange Flower

Orange Flower is a gateway song exploring an artist that weaves old fashioned country blues with a modern indie, toe tapping southern rock and roll.