Celebrating My Blog Anniversary with New Music-Sadurn, Good Looks, Michigander, Automatic, Lawn, and Frankie Cosmos

Nine years ago today, I began a musical journey through this WordPress blog, Immersed in Cool Music. People said blogs were on the way out, and I questioned my sanity, but I truly needed an outlet and a place to learn about music. I can honestly say it has been a blessing in my life. I have met so many amazing people along the way. I will always enjoy the deep dive of learning about a song, a band, and venues/festivals all over.

I originally wrote for another blog site, 1146 miles. I am unable to find it now. I know he left it several years ago. I am so thankful that Ian gave me a chance and let me learn with his guidance. Yet, I felt compelled to do my own thing and not wait on others to publish my thoughts and lead my music journey.

So I created my own space. I began with the challenge of sharing one song everyday for the month of October. I posted and posted and posted. It created a structure that I needed to get going. I learned new music and worked diligently at writing about it, feeling it, and sharing it. I focused on bands and artists that were smaller, and starting out. Then, I expanded to simply all the music I loved. You will not find a bad review here. My posts are all in support of independent artists and amazing creatives that I am genuinely in awe of. I wrote my first album review through Soundblab. With each review I wrote, I gained confidence. They are still on the internet, but Soundblab no longer has writers or updates. Soundblab helped me grow as well.

As of today, I have shared 647 posts in all. I have over 2,000 subscribers and my site has been viewed about 100,000 times. A post might be about one song, multiple songs, an album review, and/or a review of a concert/festival. It has been a glorious journey of self discovery and growth. I never want to abandon this site, but I find it harder and harder to slow down and take the time to research and post with accuracy and heart.

I will never stop listening. I will never stop seeing live music. I just need to take the time to post more, and hope it reaches someone. Writing a blog can be a lonely experience. Readers rarely comment or interact. Instagram and TikTok seem to be the place where there is a circle of friends who understand my passion.

So….I think I will just keep doing what I do. I may not post regularly, but I still love music. I also love that I still have so many followers and readers checking out my posts everyday.

Thank you.

So if you are new here or a loyal reader/listener, welcome to my nine year old joyous music blog. Celebrate this lovely milestone with me.



What I am loving right now. Listen.


Good Looks-Almost Automatic

Michigander/Manchester Orchestra-In My Head

Automatic-New Beginning

Frankie Cosmos-Aftershook


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