Landlady-Electric Abdomen

Electric Abdomen proves to be a funky salve for my deepest wounds from the painful memories of past storms.

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The War On Drugs-Pain

Pain is a song worthy of multiple plays due to the layers of instruments and sharp songwriting, all carefully built on top of a steady pulsing beat.

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Happy Abandon-Severed Seams

Happy Abandon mixes punctuating howls of Americana, fiery rock, and orchestral dreaminess to create vital music we need now.

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The Killer Whales Reunion 2017

We all have THAT band which formed a huge part of our youth. The ones who have reunion tours and there is no question about going. This is my band….The Killer Whales. A Band Interview

Leif Erikson-Get Free

Get Free is reinvigorated rock with free flowing melodies and a socially conscious viewpoint

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ISLAND-Dreaming Of

I am blown away by the power of their plucky guitars and the solid performance of their vocals. Be prepared to love them in the first few notes.