New Listens-Tomberlin, Slow Pulp, The Districts, and Big Thief

I am so lucky that my in-box stays packed with music. Wading through it all, I also comb the internet for buzz worthy bands, and new artists around the globe. I do all of the music diving and discovery so you don’t have to. Therefore, you can just follow and add a new artist to your playlist, if you happen to dig their sound. As your music listening friend, I am also curious what new artists you are listening to? Comment below and please let me know!

Here are just a few I am excited to share right now.


Tomberlin has a new album coming out on April 29th, I don’t know who needs to hear this… Sarah Beth Tomberlin aka Tomberlin has shared a couple of singles and they are beautiful. The music is soft and joyful, despite the introspective peeling away of life in her lyrics. The music seems to express a calm, cautionary reaction to all the uncertainty we face at this time, and I am here for it…..and wanting more!

Slow Pulp

Slow Pulp is a four piece indie rock band from Madison Wisconsin now based in Chicago, Illinois. With one successful album, Movey’s, under their belt, they released new singles back in October. Their music is just getting better and better. New album sometime soon? I hope so! But until then, I will continue to listen to these amazing songs.

The Districts

The Districts will forever be in my heart because they were the last live music I saw before the pandemic lockdown. It was one of those iconic shows where strangers were dancing joyously together and we all felt every guitar strum, drum beat, and harmonizing chorus in every fiber of our being. Sometimes when I am frustrated, I close my eyes and dream of that night. With a new album that just released a couple of weeks ago, I can’t get enough of The Districts’ music. Check out, Great American Painting, there is so much to share, and go ahead and call me the ultimate fan.

Big Thief

What is not to love about this incredibly talented band with singer/songwriter Adrianne Lenker at the helm? Big Thief release music so often that I sometimes have to catch up and Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You is one that I had to dig into for a bit. Filled with 20 amazing songs, there is so much to unpack. My favorite (if I can even have one because they are all so good) is “Blue Lightning.” Lenker is a genius songwriter, and can piece together complicated lines into difficult music compositions, but Blue Lightning is a light, joyous, and tender folk-rock love song. It feels as if it was spontaneously strummed out on a front porch in the heat of summer. It totally won over my heart.

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