Sharing my WUOG DJ set

I was lucky enough to play an hour long set at the radio station, WUOG 90.5, in Athens yesterday.

Listen to the songs…

Mood Monday-Son and Thief-High And Low

Mood Monday. Here’s my mood today… Do you ever feel just kinda drained? You know…. the sleepy, nappy contented hours after a lovely, fun weekend? I am referring to the time when you pushed it a bit and went from here, to there, and everywhere? For me, I didn’t want to miss a single minute….

The Rollups-Abbie

Some days are better than others, and some of those days are just the bomb! I mean…totally outstanding, heart pumping, powerful, amazing stuff. Yes, I just experienced a real life heart pumping moment. A once in a lifetime event? Yes….one that will never, ever be forgotten, and this band came along for the fun ride….