Mood Monday-Son and Thief-High And Low

Mood Monday.

Here’s my mood today…

Do you ever feel just kinda drained?


You know…. the sleepy, nappy contented hours after a lovely, fun weekend? I am referring to the time when you pushed it a bit and went from here, to there, and everywhere? For me, I didn’t want to miss a single minute. My weekend was fast and furious including several outfit changes, meeting fun new friends, Uber and trolley/bus connections, hoofing all around town, as well as having to consider the rainy, pouty weather with the loss of a small size umbrella, not once, but twice (bummer hair havoc). When you are having a blast, what does it matter?

I was excited about hearing many new bands in a jam band town chock full of comfy listening venues, dishes to sample in a foodie mecca, and football to watch in a southern top tier football ranking world. Life is really good and full, when you get to experience all of this. But, I am honestly super tired from all of that living squeezed into one weekend, and not sure Monday has the right to invade my happy space.

So, back off Monday and let my weekend vibe live on.

Full of memorable moments, and popping people that made sweet impressions on me, I find myself slam back into the reality of the every day grind. Honestly all I want to do is daydream about the joyous moments of my weekend.

So here you go. A band I heard at a crazy small, but really fun place called Flicker Bar (a refreshing venue for me, after the crowds of Music Midtown). I hope you enjoy “High and Low” as much as I did. Power to the songwriter with the magical ability to pull off a chill vibe which pushes back the Mondays of the world.

“When you put me on trial, was it clear on both ends

We’re living in denial, can you not see how this ends

And how this begins

And how this begins





You are in a light, that’s washing out the sunset

Thinking about the night, so you can learn to forget

How this begins

How this begins





How this begins

How this begins (repeat)”


This song perfectly projects the highs and lows of my life. Moments that are treasured and special, along with those moments that seem to squeeze in and leave me wondering. Dreamy, and ethereal, “High and Low” makes an impression.

Chelsea Kornse Photography
photo credit- Chelsea Kornse Photography


The indie trio is Son and Thief , Deane Lawton-guitar, Shane Toriscelli-vocals, guitar and keys, and Austin Macdowell-drums. It is no wonder that they are out of Athens, Ga. Athens breeds musical talent and provides many places to play, hone your craft, and grow a following. They are only a year or so into their band, but listening to their first album, Cardinal, I am struck with the thought that maybe they have already developed their sound, and yes, it is oh so good. Seeing is believing, fortunately they also have a strong stage presence. In this intimate bar, they definitely brought the crowd, and we couldn’t help but sway to the songs and cheer, in great anticipation of more. We all wanted more.

Thanks to Son and Thief, for bringing me this almost too good to be true sound, for my Monday. No longer feeling drained, I can face my Monday, dreaming longingly about my weekend. Well, maybe with just a little bit more….



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  1. Hey, I love your account! I have spent about an hour going through all your music and it’s great. I think you’d like my blog t and I’d love to work with you, or have a chat to you. Let me know what you think x x x

    1. Carrie says:

      Thank you so much! I am obsessed with music and write this blog from my heart. I often think it goes out into the universe or a black hole, not sure which. So it makes me bubble when I realize there is someone actually reading it and listening to the bands I love and feature. You can email me anytime. I would love to hear from you! I will check out your site as well! Cheers!

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