The Rollups-Abbie


Some days are better than others, and some of those days are just the bomb! I mean…totally outstanding, heart pumping, powerful, amazing stuff.

Yes, I just experienced a real life heart pumping moment.

A once in a lifetime event? Yes….one that will never, ever be forgotten, and this band came along for the fun ride.

Exactly one week ago, I got wind of this band, I think they started following me on Twitter, and I just went to their bandcamp page and started listening. It wasn’t just good, it was great music. I love when that happens. I was taken.

Here is the song,, “Abbie”, that had me smitten with this new band, The Rollups.

Then, that same weekend, I was asked to guest DJ for WUOG in Athens, The University of Georgia’s on campus, student-run radio station. I carefully selected my music, but failed to truly prepare for being on the air……(aka) talking, sharing, and promoting the music I put out into the world. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was a nervous wreck! Although, I was nervous in a good way…where I thought….I am breathing, alive, excited to experiment, and even be open for some serious scrutiny concerning my crazy music passion and song choices. Everyone in the room will attest to the fact my heart was literally beating out of my chest.

But, did I actually have any listeners? Well, the song, “Abbie”, by The Rollups happened to be playing when this happened….

Okay, I admit my total goofiness and joy, but WOW! I was thrilled to know that someone was actually out there and they decided to chat with me about the music I played, and also the kind of music they love. Kindred spirits of sorts, right?

It was a perfect moment of spontaneous joy. Thank you caller, (I hope you have stopped by my blog), little did you know the joy your phone call could bring to a crazy music loving gal like me.

Seven days later, I am still riding high as I relive this fun, DJ hour, moment in time.

The Rollups are a band out of Columbia, Missouri. They are Sam Jennings (guitar & lead vocals), Marshall Maxwell (guitar), Emmitt Wright (bass), and Jon Belsheim (drums). Their facebook bio describes their “hope to bring a raucous energy to every stage and sing you songs you just can’t get out of your head.”


Yes, I will forever hear this song in my head. Now, I just need to confirm the raucous energy on stage, sometime soon, maybe even in Atlanta, GA.

If you are curious about the music I played for my guest DJ hour, be curious no more, because here it is for you to enjoy. I made every effort to totally mix it up, so maybe it might become your “go to” Spring playlist, as it is mine! Enjoy!

My lesson learned… Always dare to be bold, push a little out of your comfort zone, and follow that passion which makes you jump for joy.

Because for me, I may never stop smiling.



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