The Burgeoning-Beautiful Rampage

Indie rock-pop perfection with all of the much needed elements in place, a tight drum beat, a creative and catchy instrumentation, even a guitar shredding solo. The perfect balance of pop and fresh indie rock.


Okay, so I took Monday off, bet you did too. Consider this new tune for Tuesday, or more accurately as I look at the clock, a wonder of the music world Wednesday! There’s nothing like a week of relaxing beach days loaded with sunshine, fresh air, family, and a smattering of fun friends. The quiet,…

The Rollups-Abbie

Some days are better than others, and some of those days are just the bomb! I mean…totally outstanding, heart pumping, powerful, amazing stuff. Yes, I just experienced a real life heart pumping moment. A once in a lifetime event? Yes….one that will never, ever be forgotten, and this band came along for the fun ride….