The Burgeoning-Beautiful Rampage

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Holy Cow, music brings me so much joy.

The beauty of blogging new bands is watching them grow and develop over time. The Burgeoning is a perfect case in point. I am excited they have a new album, Loud Dreams, releasing on October 28th. After blogging their music several years ago and hoping and wishing for their success, I now think they are in a place where they can tour beyond their Philly roots. If the rest of the album follows this lead off, I am totally sure of it.

Hard work pays off and I am thrilled to share their newest song. “Beautiful Rampage” is indie rock-pop perfection with all of the much needed elements in place, a tight drum beat, a creative and catchy instrumentation, even a guitar shredding solo. Then, lyrically solid, it is all swirled together by a lead voice that can melt an ice cube with its lovely tone.

Become a fan.

The Burgeoning-Beautiful Rampage

“Your secret’s out
You left the key inside the door
You lost all your marbles
but you’ll find some more
find some more

‘Cause when the day is done I’ll call you up
and you know you always have my love
When everyone is not, I’ll be there

So do it, be it, live it
Believe yourself, believe yourself
A beautiful rampage is what we’ll be
So let it grow

‘Cause when the day is done I’ll call you up
and you know you always have my love
When everyone is not, I’ll be there
Oh (3x)”



Photo cred: Nemá Etebar

The band members are Logan Thierjung (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Alex Thierjung (Bass), Taylor Knowles (Lead Guitar), Brandon Bradley (Drums), and Mark Menkovich (Keyboard/Synth/Guitar). They have found the delicate balance of pop and a fresh indie rock sound….songs noteworthy enough to listen to the music with a friend, but they also have the morphing ability to be a fun group jam for the weekend party.

From their website,

“Logan’s admiration of trailblazing British indie rock manifests in his crunchy guitar riffs and, at times, delicate vocals while Brandon’s propulsive drumming is a result of his tenure performing with church groups at an early age. Mark’s sugary guitar melodies reveal his love of all things Beatles, and Alex’s rumbling bass lines pay homage to the 90’s alt-rock giants who formed the genre.”

Just in case you can’t get enough….Here’s what I blogged back in 2013 for another site (HERE )…and this is the tune-“Lighthouse”. I think you will enjoy their playful spirit captured in the sound and the whole vibe of the video.

Way to go guys! Please, please, please place Atlanta on your tour musts!

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