The Japanese House-Saw You In A Dream

Despite the woeful lyrics, the music has a hopeful spirit determined by her lush indie pop sound and distinctive voice with subtle digital effects.

Mood Monday-Animal Collective-FloriDada

Mood Monday Are you dragging like I’m dragging? It is the Monday after the food fest of all food fests, chock full of family, rest, fun, and travel. Now, we are slap dab in the middle of the whirlwind season. Upcoming holidays and wrap up, year end duties provide a head spinning queasiness. I need…

Mood Monday-Son and Thief-High And Low

Mood Monday. Here’s my mood today… Do you ever feel just kinda drained? You know…. the sleepy, nappy contented hours after a lovely, fun weekend? I am referring to the time when you pushed it a bit and went from here, to there, and everywhere? For me, I didn’t want to miss a single minute….

Raury-God’s Whisper

It is a shiny new year. Don’t you just love it? Everything seems open to possibility and all ideas are fresh and chock full of hope. With all of that said, I seem to be listening to music that reflects that as well. My music lately is different than my tried and true musical genres…

New Music-Real Estate- Talking Backwards

Waiting for new music and patience isn’t my strong suit. But, for now, my waiting can go temporarily on hold due to Real Estate releasing a new song which I only just discovered in the wee hours of the night. Yes, I have listened to it over and over since. Their new album, Atlas which…