Raury-God’s Whisper


It is a shiny new year.

Don’t you just love it?

Everything seems open to possibility and all ideas are fresh and chock full of hope. With all of that said, I seem to be listening to music that reflects that as well. My music lately is different than my tried and true musical genres and yet it is just as exciting and innovative, and I want to share.

I have to share it.

Raury. Low and behold, this artist lives very nearby, in Atlanta, and I am just now catching his sound. Expecting an Atlanta hip hop/trap sound, I found Raury has a different vibe all together. His music has blurred lines of many different musical genres and it makes me so very intrigued. He first came to my attention on the SBTRKT album,  and his latest track on the Hunger Games Mockingjay album

Although, I have to say, when I heard, “God’s Whisper” I completely lost all control and listened to EVERY song he has out there. All of them are vastly different, but distinctive with his voice and his interesting creative combination of sounds. “God’s Whisper” has been out for awhile, but it is fresh to me. I love his smooth, calm vocals over the many layers of musical instrumentation and chanting.

“We are Indigos
Living lives we chose
Show you’re brave
Those will fade,
On a mission
led by Intuition
You should listen

I hear God’s Whisper…”

I became fascinated with the lyrics….as I always do. I looked up Indigos and interestingly found an abundance of info about this concept. Indigo children, according to a psuedoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. This concept and idea fascinates me and makes me want to learn more. Amazingly, perhaps this singer is truly a musical indigo.


I am officially addicted to Raury, and look forward to all of his musical projects. Young, only eighteen, and incredibly talented, he has the ability to create huge songs with powerful lyrics. He is clearly open to experimentation and trying out new ideas and sounds. A credit to his generation of eclectic learners with multiple fascinations, he is just as diverse as their interests and creates a multitude of listening experiences to peak his peer’s inquisitiveness. Hallelujah!


What a promising vision for music for 2015 and beyond!

Because I just have to share how incredibly diverse and beautiful his musical style seems to be, I have to also share another tune that I love…..

“But I can’t love you right
I can’t love you, I won’t love you
But if you walk the line
I’ll provide it, I’ll supply you
But I can’t love you right
I can’t love you, I won’t love you
But if you walk the line
I’ll provide it, I’ll supply you
With these cigarettes
Light it up girl, have a ball, it’s gonna kill you….”


Sparkle 2015, sparkle away!

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