Perhapsy-O, Su Yung

Crunchy fuzzed out guitars take hold immediately in this new tune, and it makes me happy about Mondays after all.

Bleached-Can You Deal?

This song was written from their own personal lens, but the more I listen, the more universal the message really is.

Mood Monday-Xavier Rudd & The United Nations-Come People

  Mood Monday News….whether you get your info about the world from television, newspapers, or social media, it seems to be full of depressing human conditions like hatred, violence, discrimination, disasters, and people shaming. As the weather warms and I find myself outside for the majority of my waking hours, I have shied away from…

Mood Monday-The National-Sunshine On My Back

Mood Monday-   Today, my mood is focused on the hope of warm sunshine on my back and the unfolding joy of spring. I am ready for it to settle in with a deep lovely rhythm…   “Sunshine on my back is the only kind I like Sunshine in my brain is the lonely kind…