Perhapsy-O, Su Yung

Mood Monday


Stormy weather, gray mood.

Yesterday, I took a luxurious bike ride in the sparkling, spring time weather of Atlanta. Beautiful green leafing trees, sunshine galore, and a relaxed pace, well up until the mega biker guy tried to pass me. Thank you whoever you are… kept me from being lolling, lazy, and complacent.

But today is a Monday, and a radically different story.

I am in need of something radiant and up-lifting. Luckily I have found it in this curious tune. Despite its genuinely happy beat, it has an edgy nature that totally creates interest and listenability. In fact, tonight I have actually single handedly probably surged their Soundcloud listening, due to my obsession with the new album, The, from the band, Perhapsy.

Crunchy fuzzed out guitars with an infectious melody take hold immediately in this new tune, and it makes me happy about Mondays after all.

I just simply can’t get enough!

Perahpsy-O Su Yung



The, is a newly released album solo project from Derek Barber out of Oakland, California. He has many guitar driven projects with other bands, but this is his latest solo project. Digging deeper, I found his artwork that seems to be alive and well on his Facebook page. I kinda spent some time exploring his beautiful maze-like drawings. I wouldn’t be surprised if the album artwork didn’t belong to him. The drawings intrigue me and as you know when there is a personal side to a creative band, I totally sink into their music with more vigor.

Art, whether it be visual or sonically expressive, is Art.

So many amazing connections.


For the past few weeks, I have personally been exploring the drawing of mandalas with quiet meditation. For me, it has proven to be a calming force in my life. I am human and have worries as well as sadnesses and this has helped me compartmentalize them and move forward with hope and a new, more compassionate self awareness. It is life giving, just as listening to music is sowing seeds of joy within me.

For the most part, Perhapsy has the capability of providing me with songs for quiet drawing time or a rare, vivid daydreaming moment. Yet, sometimes when listening, I find myself intrigued enough to stop and really listen to the lyrics more clearly and focus. I know a band has won me over when this happens….

So, I hope this music post finds you warm and safe and secure in your humble abode. Maybe the music will inspire you to find the time to daydream and try something new and daring when the clouds part and the joy of Spring takes hold. I don’t know about you, but I have much to do.



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