Paperhaus-Go Cozy

Paperhaus -Go Cozy is chock full of dense instrumental flourishes and layers of swirling psychedelic rock

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Okay, so I took Monday off, bet you did too. Consider this new tune for Tuesday, or more accurately as I look at the clock, a wonder of the music world Wednesday! There’s nothing like a week of relaxing beach days loaded with sunshine, fresh air, family, and a smattering of fun friends. The quiet,…

Paperhaus-Twisted Tumbled

31 Days of Music Day 10 Paperhaus is a band out of Washington, DC. They are Alex Tebeleff, Eduardo Rivera, Brandon Moses, and John Di Lascio. Paperhaus released an EP last May, Lo Hi Lo. They have a great sound. I am featuring the softer, more instrumental tune on the  EP, called ” Twisted Tumbled”….