Paperhaus-Go Cozy

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Today brings a welcome return of an old friend.


Paperhaus-Go Cozy

“Can you remember? 
Slow scan the pictures, 
Images fixtured in ourselves. 

Why let it sever? 
You can let affinity grow, 
And we can be so 
Open and Whole. 

Resting in place to 
Find a space tranquil; 
Calmness leads 
To synergy. 

More care and thought, 
Less fires misplaced. 
A chance at 
Truly letting go. 


What would you do 
With the brutal truth? 
And what would you say 
I don’t need for you to describe yourself. 

A moment in time 
Is my only crime. 
And what could you say 
‘Cause I need for you to arrive with brush in hand.”

It is so good to connect with the music of Paperhaus again.

Today the many bands of tropical storm, Nate, went through Atlanta

Rain on Sunday, rain on Monday. A forecast of clouds for Tuesday.

My garden needs it, and I have enjoyed the quiet home bound cozy of the rainy days. I am engrossed in a book that I can’t put down, and music plays constantly. But, I have to put my book aside to post about a great song, a talented band, and give a ginormous thank you to all of my loyal visitors.

I had a message from WordPress after my last post. It blew my mind! Here was the message…


Wow! I started blogging in October of 2013, and if you asked me, ‘Would I still be at it in 2017?’, I would have not known the answer. One of the biggest reasons I am still around and kicking is because of YOU. I am thankful everyday for all of my followers and my dear friends who share, like, and comment on my blog. I also have to shout out to the amazing musicians who share their incredible art with me. I am humbled to be a spokesperson for their work that continues to surprise me and ignite emotions in me which make my computer keys continue to tap with inspiration.

Call me lucky.

I am lucky that I get to explore my passion on a daily basis. Ask anyone around me and you will quickly learn that I take each submitted song seriously. I spend hours listening, researching, and exploring the bands and their background. After dozens of repeated plays, I look into my own heart and how the music makes me feel. I become immersed, in the hope that you might become immersed too.

Music is such a powerful way to communicate and express thoughts and feelings. 500 posts is an awful lot in only 4 years, and I never thought the number was even a possibility. But when my ears are always hearing music I appreciate, I expect my joy will never cease.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you.

What a incredible joy that a band I shared 4 years ago almost to the day, has new breathtaking music! They have grown sonically, as I have grown, and it is a sincere pleasure to be a small part of their journey.


unnamed (3)
Photo Credit: Joshua Cogan

Paperhaus is a band out of Washington DC, and is mainly, Alex Tebeleff, Matt Dowling, and Rick Irby. They have been making music since 2006.  Years of fine tuning their sound, growing their presence, and perfecting their knowledge, Paperhaus has come to a point where the world needs to pay close attention. With a label (Misra Records) behind the album, and the growth that almost 11 years brings to a consistent band, they are getting some traction and “Go Cozy” has garnished @ 5 million Soundcloud listens. The massive numbers speak to their ability to play to a broader audience without compromising their integrity, talent, and uniquely explosive style.

Chock full of dense instrumental flourishes and carefully placed layers of swirling psychedelic rock, Paperhaus once again brings an arresting rhythm that isn’t exaggerated but beautifully balanced with their weighty lyrics. “Go Cozy” is just one of the songs from their newly released album, Are These The Questions That We Need To Ask?, which came out on Oct. 6.

album art by Nate Lewis

 “The album is very deliberately titled, urging listeners to ask questions about the surrounding world, rather than offering listeners the answers. It explores many thematic elements relevant to our modern life, including our reliance on technology, a craving for nature, the increasing rise of more authoritarian ideas along with the division it creates among people around the world, and most importantly what all this means for our relationships with each other. “

Paperhaus is now on an extensive tour, and Atlanta is a stop. This Saturday they will play 529 Bar. I will definitely be there. Be sure to check out their full schedule (HERE) because they will probably play in a town close to you.

It strikes me as amazing that I blogged their music 4 years ago, knowing they were a talented band with something powerful to say. So now, after 500 blog posts, I am pleased they are my 501st.

Here is my first post on Paperhaus in case you might be curious…

immersedincoolmusic paperhaus twisted tumbled

As they continue to push musical boundaries, they inspire me to do the same.



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