Paperhaus-Twisted Tumbled

31 Days of Music

Day 10

Paperhaus is a band out of Washington, DC. They are Alex Tebeleff, Eduardo Rivera, Brandon Moses, and John Di Lascio. Paperhaus released an EP last May, Lo Hi Lo. They have a great sound. I am featuring the softer, more instrumental tune on the  EP, called ” Twisted Tumbled”. Call me a sucker for nice guitar sequences especially when they have a smashing steady drumbeat behind them. The lyrics don’t even come in until 1:34 and it is a longer tune, so be patient. It is totally worth it.

“My thoughts are twisted tumbled…”


Paperhaus describes themselves as psychedelic pop.  I listened to “Corazon” first  and liked them right away, maybe because I find they have a  similar soothing sound like one of my favorite bands, Real Estate. They have also been featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered. I hate that they were in Atlanta this week and I couldn’t be there to see them live. Maybe you should check out their webpage or their Facebook page to see if they might be coming near you. Looks like they will be in the south and round about. Happy Listening!

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