Solar Eclipse 2017-Greenville SC

The celestial wonder on Monday dazzled me. I had just witnessed a lifetime event, with thousands of new found friends. We were one, we were humans, all connected by our place on this planet.

Happy Abandon-Severed Seams

Happy Abandon mixes punctuating howls of Americana, fiery rock, and orchestral dreaminess to create vital music we need now.

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The R&B jazz pop song begins with a sultry, smooth vocal, building slowly by adding in layered textures of finger snaps, electronic timbre, and simple, straight forward lyrics.

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The Killer Whales Reunion 2017

We all have THAT band which formed a huge part of our youth. The ones who have reunion tours and there is no question about going. This is my band….The Killer Whales. A Band Interview

Julian Borrego-Small Talk

Say hello to a song sporting an odd and unconventional personality. It stands out, full of sound and possibility, garnished with a swinging 70’s funk that will make you smile. 

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Aminé is a Portland, Oregon native with the ability to slap down poetic lyrics and vocals which make you stop and take notice.

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Chris Leamy-Hold Ground

Hold Ground is an anthemic, pounding of resilience worthy of cranking up the volume to full blast.

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The Killers-The Man

The Killers recently unleashed a fun jam with a memorable, sing-a-long chorus. We all know one of these guys….right? 

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Leif Erikson-Get Free

Get Free is reinvigorated rock with free flowing melodies and a socially conscious viewpoint

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Cape Francis-Iditarod

A folk-driven ballad where Henthorn’s voice cries out alongside haunting back vocals, a piano, and a simple drum beat.

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