Savannah Stopover 2022-Friday Favorites

Savannah Stopover is less than two weeks away. It is a festival which presents traveling musicians with a welcoming place to play en route to Austin’s prestigious SXSW Music Conference. Now is the time to prepare for the onslaught of incredible music packed into a two day event. Stopover is a satisfying musical meal of varying tastes and genres. There is something for everyone, and so many bands to explore.

Here are my picks for Friday night at Stopover. Be sure to check out the entire Friday band list, each has so much to offer, but for those who’ve been following me over the years, these are my faves.

Friday, March 11th at Stopover Must Sees

Locate S,1

I am intrigued by this early playing band, Locate S,1. It is the brainchild collaboration of Christina Schneider singer/songwriter and the wildly creative force behind, of Montreal. Kevin Barnes helped produce, engineer, and mix her last album, Personalia. I think it might be worth getting out early on Friday. Exploration 101.

Locate S,1-Whisper 2000

Silver Synthetic

Members from the New Orleans band Bottomfeeders, Chris Lyons and Lucas Bogner, teamed up with Kunal Prakash the bassist for Jeff the Brotherhood, and Pete Campanella to form the band Silver Synthetic. Comprising of a southern rock style, they lead with their melodic guitars, giving an homage to rock and roll of years gone by. Third Man Records signed them and they released their debut album in 2021.

Silver Synthetic-Around The Bend


The band, Glove, is going to send you back to the heart of the new wave era. This post punk quartet has bouncy beats, but definitely packs a punch as it leads with an avant-garde distorted vibe. Rod Wendt, Brie Deux and Michelle Primiani began playing music together in Tampa, FL, and shortly thereafter added Justin Burns to create Glove. They have played in a few major music festivals and now because of Stopover have definitely caught my attention.



Okay, I have been listening to Sasami on repeat ever since I downloaded the first tune I heard, “Call Me Home.” It is a sonic masterpiece of melodic vocals and building surround sound. Sasami’s album, Squeeze, which comes out this Friday, is a highly anticipated album who is crushing the scene of musical depth and talent. She stretches and eradicates any clinging boundaries.

Domino Records describes her album…

SASAMI explores her wide spectrum of moods—from raging at systemic violence to wrestling for control in her personal relationships. Throughout, the singer-songwriter and producer surveys the raw aggression of nu-metal, tender plainspokenness of country-pop and folk rock, and dramatic romanticism of classical music. ” 

Yep, I believe she is the next big thing. So I also added her latest video, “Make It Right.” Enjoy the fuzzy guitar riffs. I will be playing her new album on repeat….

Sasami-Call Me Home

Sasami-Make It Right

of Montreal

Of Montreal never seems to disappoint with breaking the boundaries of musical dystopia. A Psychedelic indie pop band with a twenty four album discography. They have created some real gems in the past and I found a song off of their most recent album, I Feel Safe With You, Trash, that is worthy of your ears. I have also included a fan favorite, “Gronlandic Edit.” Because, why not!

Kevin Barnes is an Athens, GA icon, and of Montreal’s show is always wildly joyous and entertaining. I am stoked they will play Stopover again this year. They are an experiment in sonic sound and visual entertainment, and should not be missed.

of Montreal-Aries Equals Good Trash

of Montreal-Gronlandic Edit

American Aquarium

Formed in 2006, the band, American Aquarium, derived its name from the Wilco song, “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart,” and is led by band founder and lead vocalist/guitarist BJ Barham. The rock, alternative country, Americana band has changed support musicians over the many years and multiple albums, but still maintains the ultimate combination of expression needed to propel their music forward.. Barham is often political and outspoken. He explains his creative force to Red 11 Music…

“Country music was the voice of the people. It wasn’t always the prettiest voice, but it was an honest voice,” says American Aquarium founder and frontman BJ Barham. “I think that’s where country music has lost its way.” He pauses, then adds, North Carolina accent thick and voice steady: “I operate in the dark shadows of what we don’t want to talk about in the South.”

Their songs are written out of personal and human shared experiences we can all relate to. Raw, heartfelt, personal, and lyrically poetic, each song is woven tightly within the rolling rock of a band that clearly loves making music.

American AquariumThe Long Haul

American Aquarium -The Luckier You Get

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