(Sandy) Alex G-Bobby

The fiddle and the banjo emphasize the light expression of affection and the unusual ease at which one might sacrifice it all, or withstand any condition, for continued companionship.

The Burgeoning-Beautiful Rampage

Indie rock-pop perfection with all of the much needed elements in place, a tight drum beat, a creative and catchy instrumentation, even a guitar shredding solo. The perfect balance of pop and fresh indie rock.

Mood Monday-Kurt Vile-Pretty Pimpin’

“Who are you? Who, Who, Who, Who?”     Do you ever wonder? Do you look at your reflection in the mirror and try to recognize the person looking back at you? I guess this Monday is probably the best day of the week to experience this soul searching, questioning mood. This is my mood…

Chris Zurich-The Sounds

Sometimes, I come across a new song that makes me pause and listen. This is one of those times. The song is aptly named “The Sounds” and the artist is Chris Zurich. Chris Zurich is Philadelphia based and has a musical background, but the album, Black Ink, is his most recent project. It was released…