Mood Monday-Kurt Vile-Pretty Pimpin’

“Who are you?

Who, Who, Who, Who?”




Do you ever wonder? Do you look at your reflection in the mirror and try to recognize the person looking back at you? I guess this Monday is probably the best day of the week to experience this soul searching, questioning mood.

This is my mood today.

“Who are you?

Who, Who, Who, Who?”

Who am I? What makes me tick? What is important and what is just silly stuff on the side? You know, the stuff that is the condiment and isn’t really necessary? Why, after all these years of living with myself, why don’t I know the answer to this yet?

I’d like to think that I am always growing…evolving…and hopefully becoming the me I am supposed to be. Sounds so very nice, but does it really ever flower and bloom the way we want it to? Humph, I think the idea might be up for some serious discussion.

I love to be around people who are always questioning their worth and their role in the world. They are the ones that inspire the heck out of me because they are never stagnant. They are constantly on the move in a positive, self awareness, kind of way. They are the ones who are never satisfied and continue to learn all they can about the world. They throw energy into whims and ideas to find what sticks and is solid.

So could it be possible, not recognizing the person in the mirror might actually be a positive thing? The energy you exude in your confusion and struggle, may be the catalyst that keeps you propelling forward, seeking, loving, and constantly questioning everything? Therefore, you might be learning beyond the norm?

Perhaps, the person you are meant to be is the one who stays forever unsure.



Kurt Vile is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Philadelphia. He is best known for his solo career and as a former member of  the indie rock band, The War On Drugs.


His latest hit, “Pretty Pimpin”, is a tune that becomes a fun sing along anthem in your head and yet it has some powerful ideas behind it. The album, B’lieve I’m Goin Down drops September 25th. Known for his undertone of melancholy, I just can’t resist the beauty of the sweet guitar picking in this song. Despite its questioning personal confusion, I find it to be a memorable, thought provoking, honest tune.

A song which fits my mood perfectly.

“All I want is to just have fun, live my life like a son of a gun…”

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