Chris Zurich-The Sounds


Sometimes, I come across a new song that makes me pause and listen. This is one of those times. The song is aptly named “The Sounds” and the artist is Chris Zurich. Chris Zurich is Philadelphia based and has a musical background, but the album, Black Ink, is his most recent project. It was released in mid-October, and other tracks prove to be just as appealing. This song is my favorite, for now.

The guitar in “The Sounds” has a rock-roots vibe, the vocals are thoroughly pleasing, and the lyrics are reflective. At 2:03 there is a nice guitar led instrumental that adds some real depth to the song and awakens the listener from the dreamy, soothing vocals. Listen and like Chris on his Facebook page.  When you go to his page, you will get the added bonus of seeing a claymation video of this same song. I found the video to be both, fun and entertaining. Enjoy!

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