High Water 2018 Day One-Let’s Fondly Reminisce a Stellar Day of Music

Through my photography and blog, I hope you can experience the amazing musicians, people, and setting of High Water Festival

While I was driving back to Atlanta from Charleston in torrential downpours, I was once again reminded of the charm of High Water Festival. There is truly something magical, mystical, and glorious about the festival’s ability to place itself in the perfect location and find the perfect weekend of the most pleasant spring weather. I don’t think it is luck….This festival has camaraderie, friendship, and joy in its very DNA. This year there were happy surprises with emerging bands and instead of heat and humidity we had brisk winds with chilly nights.

From the ease of parking, strolling to the entrance, and passing through the High Water gates, the worries of work, school, and life shrug off magically.

Were you there? Did you feel it?

If you weren’t able to come this year, I hope I can give you that sense of happiness through my photos and my descriptions….If you were there this year, let’s reminisce and soak the goodness into our heart & soul and make the feeling last a long time (round about 51 weeks?).


We entered the High Water gates, hurriedly placed our blanket down under the trees, and I changed photo lenses and ran off to the Edisto stage to see Weaves. As I have said before, they are a phenomenal band out of Toronto, and the lead singer has the ability to use her voice to warble and hit interesting notes with serious range. I refrain from saying her voice is almost baby-like, but it does take on la-la’s and sounds that manage to intersect the edge, then her voice moves beyond flawlessly.

She is expressive on stage, and her band mates are all talented musicians that truly hold their own.



DSC_0033 2










The set began with a small crowd, but with their commanding, infectious sound, the crowd grew quickly and everyone seemed totally into it. I have seen them multiple times, and they just get better and better! A perfect way to begin the weekend of music.


Nicole Atkins

Wanting to stay till the last note, I had to run lickety split to the Stono stage to catch Nicole Atkins. Because the Stono stage was farther from the entrance, it wasn’t as packed and I had an easy access to the photo pit. Nicole’s sultry soothing voice would perhaps be a more laid back set.


When she arrived on stage in a bold leopard jumpsuit and black and white wingtips, I knew we were in for music with personality. I love her lyrics of struggle and sheer survival from difficult times in her life. She writes what she knows. I hear a bit of Linda Ronstadt in her voice and her style. She can sing a good cry, and question everything with her voice. Talent and deep insight can be a very powerful combination.

DSC_0139 2.jpg

DSC_0156 2.jpg











Ian Felice

On my way to see Ian Felice, I stopped to marvel at an empty container ship navigate its way up the river. They are huge, and something to behold close up. Their horn will make you jump out of your shoes if you are nearby. Every once in a while, a ship’s horn would interject in a band’s tune. We would all take a quick look….


I was excited about hearing Ian Felice. I listened to him on repeat prior to the festival. I liked his laid back story telling, folk, rock and roll. I heard a bit of Bob Dylan, Conor Oberst, and maybe even a little Dawes in his solo music. He was originally with The Felice Brothers (four of them), and perhaps their brotherly project is a little more festive and upbeat, but similar in style. He just recently made music on his own.

Ian Felice’s set was thoughtful, relaxed, and the perfect way to sit on your blanket and just hang out and appreciate the music. I was happy I was up close and could see his well-worn guitar. I imagined hours and hours of play on that beloved instrument. I know as a music writer, a musician’s success comes through serious dedication, passion, and a sprinkling of good luck. His lyrics were expressive and wove the story, Ian Felice rarely moved and sang mostly with his eyes gently closed, as if he was a million miles away. One of his brothers accompanied him on bass and then moved to the drums.

DSC_0254 2.jpg




Those who were fortunate enough to be up front were really listening and enjoying.






I think I’d like to hear him again in a small venue, where I can truly focus on his talent. He sure has it, and I hope it translated around the park on Saturday, because people were pouring in at this point.

It was difficult for me to move from photo pit to photo pit/stage to stage (no I am not complaining, it was a sweet privilege that I would never take for granted). I meandered around the crowd slipping between colorful blankets where laughter spilled past the edges or even the occasional cold beverage. I enjoyed the challenge of creative foot placement and I was able to get a sense of the party mood.


Everyone was elated and happy to be out and about on such a beautiful day. Bar and food lines were long, but everyone seemed friendly, sociable, and agreeable.


I spotted the resourceful people that spread out their blankets in the middle of the two stages on the hill, so they could just stand to hear the other stage performances.


VIP had it made. Best view, best seats, and few lines for drinks. Media was off limits this year. It was a real bummer for me because it was so much easier to get to the stage from their side. DSC_0206.jpg

Here’s a zoom to show what I mean…


Old 97’s

Old 97’s cranked it up and played with jam band mentality. They have been together for a while, so there was definitely a synergy and vibrancy about their set.




There were some swooners for sure….







DSC_0361 DSC_0385 2.jpg

I went backstage to give you a sense of the crowds gathered for their set.  Wow!

DSC_0398 2

While back there, I couldn’t help but snap this pic of Nicole Atkins. So fun that she let me take a pic before she joined Old 97’s on stage.

So fierce! You go girl!



After Old 97’s, I had a chance to chat around. I stumbled upon this beautiful couple. We chatted favorite music, favorite venues, and who they wanted to see. I found out he knew Susto’s lead singer from Florence, SC. What a small world, I lived some skinny minutes in Florence as well…


Shrimp Records Family Band

This is a music surprise of sorts, where the Shrimp Records family of musicians jam together. It was a cool scene.








DSC_0510 2

DSC_0490 2.jpg



After watching the fun they were having on stage, I decided it was time for an adult beverage…I had a skinny minute to indulge and I stood in line behind this crazy beautiful group. Aren’t they sumpin’?


So I actually had a tiny bit of time to sit and soak in the day. I just couldn’t stop taking photos. Life was happenin’ all around me and I wanted to capture the sweet moments.





Yep, there was a traveling pickle!


A beautiful baby discovering and playing with her shadow.


So very precious.


Reunions with friends.


St Paul and The Broken Bones

When you experience St Paul and The Broken Bones live…you will never want to miss their show. Yep, it is that good! Always creative, different, powerpacked, and a dancing, singing spectacle…St Paul andThe Broken Bones brings everything they have to provide the ultimate live experience. Talented in so many ways, they once again set the bar for performance surprise!

Did you witness the under the rug gatoring? This guy jams!



DSC_0656 2DSC_0684

DSC_0574 2DSC_0641

DSC_0693 2


And who can resist enjoying his shoe choice?








And the crowd follows with crazy abandon…


DSC_0725 2.jpg

The Wild Reeds

The Wild Reeds were the happy surprise to Saturday’s High Water. I spoke with so many that mentioned their performance and how it impacted and wowed them. The music, their energy, and talent all garnished many new fans. They went on when the sun was setting, the wind was whipping, and the temperatures were dropping. It proved to add to the electricity of their set. We all felt the power, girl power (+one guy) and it was sizzling!


DSC_0756 2




DSC_0809 2



DSC_0820 2


DSC_0845 2



Brandi Carlile

As I have said before, I think her latest release will be one of the top albums of the year. Brandi Carlile has struck a deep nerve with her heartfelt lyrics and sound. Now she has won over so many more with her electrifying live performance. Passionate about her craft, we couldn’t help but notice her ease at slipping between country, folk, rock, and Americana. It was magical and riveting. Despite the obvious life struggling that occurs in her song’s lyrics, she has catchy choruses that are unforgettable.

DSC_0940 2

DSC_0950 3

DSC_0926 2

DSC_0925 3

DSC_0927 2

DSC_0903 2

DSC_0016 2

DSC_0995 2

DSC_0966 2

DSC_0994 2

DSC_0922 3

DSC_0977 2

Wow, just wow!

DSC_0973 2DSC_0988 2


At this point I was scrambling around to find a bite to eat and catch up with friends before the next set.  There was so much to see and experience as I wandered around the park. Here are a few fun scenes.




Dear friends who have great taste in music.

DSC_0033 2.jpg

A hat adorned with lovely acoutraments.


It was really cold when the sun went down and she was prepared! The rest of us bought Band of Horses hoodies! They had the most warmth, thank you Band of Horses!

DSC_0027 2.jpg

Jeff Tweedy

What I love about Jeff Tweedy is his no nonsense approach to a music performance. He just walks out, picks up his guitar and begins playing. He creates stories in songs and you feel as if he might just be singing specifically to you around a campfire on a cold night. Did I mention his harmonica playing? He brings warmth and humor as well as the take it or leave it attitude. I’ll take it gladly and be there again and again. He has a quiet genius in his gift of sound and words. Without a backing band, he still held his own and as the sun drifted out of view, he guided us to listen willingly to his wit and his soft guitar picking.







We felt all the feels.



Jason Isbell

What else is there to say? Jason Isbell has won multiple awards, continues to sell out shows, and has the gift of creating important lyrics and putting it all to powerful music.

Jason Isbel & The 400 Unit were an excellent ending to a day of music perfection. The evening was cold but there was warmth in every last note. Many even linguered long after the end and didn’t want to leave.


He was sporting a new look with a new beard.

DSC_0167 2


Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires


DSC_0171 2.jpg

DSC_0202 2


DSC_0222 2

DSC_0215 2

Goodnight y’all! Feel free to stop by anytime when you need a joy fix. Here’s my favorite parting shot! Power to the night! Peace out!


Stay tuned for the second day of High Water Festival… coming soon!

Flooding your ears with the music of High Water 2018 -Get Pumped!

Incredible music, curated food, and thirst quenching libations, what could be better? High Water Festival may be heaven on earth.

Check it out…

It is early in the week. What are you doing this weekend? Oh c’mon, you know you think about it as you slave away your Monday on the grind. The weekend is a sacred time and this weekend is High Water Festival in North Charleston, SC. The tickets sold out in an amazing fashion, but there are a few here, there, and somewhere.

The coast of South Carolina is the most hospitable travel spot in the world, with bluebird skies, warm gentle breezes, and southern hospitality. Now, add to all of that…incredible music, curated food, and thirst quenching libations, what could be better? This is my heaven on earth. I hope you’ll hang out with me. This blog post is for those that have the coveted tickets and need a quick overview, those that wish they could be there, and yep those that just want to experience something a little different and learn about great music.

The crazy spring time storms blew through the south this past weekend and brought with them whispers of winter. I have been obsessed with the future weather patterns hoping that April 22-23 (High Water Festival) will prove to be the beautiful weekend we all experienced last year. So far, so good.

Saturday looks sunny and delightful and Sunday may be a bit cloudy….but I don’t see wild storms or frigid temps! This is very good news according to AccuWeather. Let’s hope it sticks!

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 6.02.54 PM

So let’s jump into the music we will enjoy in that wonderful weather….The lineup is full of treasured voices and bands while lightly peppered with new and need to explore sounds.

High Water

Here is a quick overview of the bands playing on Saturday. I am also adding a playlist for you at the end. Check it out!



Weaves is a talented band with the stage presence to crank up the crowd and begin the festival with power and panache. This will be my (ah-hem) 3rd time to see them play, and every time they blow me away. Each musician has a wowing ability to play flawlessly with sparkle and serious standout skills, and leading the music are the memorable vocals of Jasmyn Burke. The Toronto band possesses a rare ability to entertain with talent, wittiness, and spirit. Don’t snooze and lose on Saturday. Get there early to set up and experience the joyous power of Weaves.


Nicole Atkins


Singer songwriter Nicole Atkins has a golden voice and a gift for song, but after sinking into depression and drinking way too much, she found herself a little numb and distant from it all. With her last album, “Goodnight Rhonda Lee” she discusses finding herself again through the internal struggle and capturing her difficult experience in song. Rhonda Lee is her alter ego (the heavy drinker) and with this album she says…goodbye. Her retro-soul-infused style found in her most recent music is the most heartfelt of any of her projects. Sometimes those giant mountains to climb can be purposeful and life changing. Listening, I am pretty sure Nicole Atkins has reached deep into her soul and found what she can share with her fans.You should be one. Her difficult journey is our lucky gain.

Nicole Atkins-Listen Up

“You gotta make mistakes to know, you gotta make mistakes to grow…”

Ian Felice


Folk music with awareness and validity is what you will hear from this artist. Out of Catskills NY, Ian Felice is a singer/songwriter, poet, and artist, who possesses the power to fill your ears with satisfying lyrics meant for chewing and savouring. He modernizes Bob Dylan’s “these times they are a-changin” technique and achieves a similar worldly impact, It will be wonderous to see if he can step out of a quiet venue (where his words can be appreciated all the more) to a loud raucous outdoor arena. I am hoping his sound and unique style powerfully impacts the listeners to a thoughtful appreciative hush. I know I will be there, hanging on every lyric.

Ian Felice-In The Kingdom Of Dreams

Old 97’s


Best served live and loud, this band has a nice history and reputation for alt-country-pop. The pedal steel in their song, “All Who Wander” from their album Graveyard Whistling emphasizes their deepening country roots. This talented foursome, hailing from Dallas, have been making music since …you guessed it, 1997 and they still keep it fresh and warmly soothing.

Old 97’s -All Who Wander

Shrimp Records Family Band


From the High Water website…

“Shrimp Records is a musical collective and sometimes record label celebrating some of Charleston’s most celebrated local talent. Their set will feature members of Shovels & Rope, Indianola, Punks & Snakes, Mechanical River, Bill Carson, and Slow Runner. The band’s live show will feature songs from all these projects and a number of musical surprises. Sets from the band don’t happen often, and locals show up en masse when they do, it’s not to be missed at High Water.” 

I love surprises, don’t you?


St Paul and The Broken Bones


St Paul and the Broken Bones from Birmingham Alabama have perfected the exuberant combo of R&B, soul, and rock and roll. Each song commands a smoothness that is sway worthy and sing-a-long happy. This is the set to dance along with your sweetie and squeeze ’em with all your heart…especially after the big power dance twirl. You will be forever changed by the crazy vocal ability of the lead, Paul Janeway and the talent of the seven additional instrumentalists and background support. I also expect to learn a new dance move or two cause they will shimmy, shake, and slide while they play ….they are that good.

St. Paul & the Broken Bones – Flow with It (You Got Me Feeling Like)

The Wild Reeds



Sometimes a band can strike a chord that reverberates and seems to connect to hearts all around. The Los Angeles based band, The Wild Reeds, have the strength of achieving this with their song, “Everything Looks Better In Hindsight”. But, it doesn’t stop there. Each song they write has a poignant story which is strikingly and almost hauntingly familiar to your own narrative. With beautiful harmonies and heartfelt solos, they will be something to behold. Can’t wait!

The Wild Reeds-Everything Looks Better In Hindsight

Brandi Carlile


Brandi Carlile grew up outside of Seattle Washington in a sleepy little area where her creative mind and her own voice led her on a path to where she resides now. She is a much beloved Americana/folk/country songstress with strong lyrical content. Her latest album, By The Way, I Forgive You has been doused with accolades beyond the usual album review and I am expecting it to be one of the top albums of the year. If that isn’t enough to make you hang out to hear her sing, then it should be her amazing vocal tone and her ability to sing a song and casually weave it into an orchestral arrangement. There is power behind that and worthy of your ears.

Brandi Carlile-The Joke

Jeff Tweedy


Jeff Tweedy is a singer/songwriter, musician, and record producer best known as the singer and guitarist of the band Wilco. His solo album, Together At Last was released last year. With 30 years of rock and roll experience, it seems fitting that Tweedy would now venture out on his own. After seeing him perform at Pickathon in Oregon before his new album was announced, I remember marveling at his stage presence while he sang beautifully intimate songs. Yes he chatted in between each song, overjoyed he had a late night crowd, but I knew, in that moment he was destined  to have a successful solo career.

Jeff Tweedy-I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit


What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Jason Isbell? He is a prolific songwriter, amazing guitarist, and winner of multiple grammy awards. I saw him many years ago when he first left the Drive-By Truckers and went out on his own. On a couple of occasions, I witnessed him chug a quart of Jack Daniels during his one hour set. Despite the obvious vice, he still brought the house down and pleased the crowd immensely, me included! I recognized he had demons to slay. Were those demons the root of his creativity? Naw, he proved to clean up his act and shortly afterward released a succession of incredible hits. This complicated artist has worked his way into my heart, and I am thrilled to see him perform once again. I think it might be my fourth or fifth time! Isbell has so much to share and he always lays it on the line.

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit-Hope The High Road


Here is your High Water Playlist, a 35 minute easy listen to give you a quick Saturday overview and get you pumped for the weekend! ( I will add Sunday’s tunes after my Sunday music overview post)






Sharing my WUOG DJ set

I was lucky enough to play an hour long set at the radio station, WUOG 90.5, in Athens yesterday.

Listen to the songs…


I was lucky enough to play an hour long set at the radio station WUOG 90.5, in Athens Georgia yesterday. This was my third time to participate in the takeover of the station. Each year, I have so much fun, even though there are amateur glitches and a world of butterflies that swirl in my tummy. Thank goodness for the loyal help and advice from my knowledgeable music director daughter!

IMG_5337 2

You should become a regular listener to the station, by streaming it on-line. They play great music!

Despite my insecurities yesterday, I loved every song I meticulously chose for my set and I somehow made it through. The songs are all fairly new and highlight amazing artists that deserve your listening ears. The cherry on top of the day was that I had a caller ask about a song I played and we chatted music for a bit, even though I forgot to ask for callers and give out the station’s number! So, someone was listening!

I hope you might enjoy listening to the songs too!

WUOG DJ Set 10-7-2917


And for my Spotify friends…



Tunes To Hear Right Now-Something For Everyone

Here’s what rocked my world this week, there is a sound for everyone in this bunch. Add some music to your weekend. Listen.


I have been on a live music free fall since Savannah Stopover, Big Thief/Mothers, and anticipating Cherry Glazerr/Ian Sweet/ Lala Lala tonight. Yep, Ian Sweet was at Stopover, and I couldn’t make the show, but now I can!

Even though I will be sure to relive all of those beautiful moments, I have to listen and look forward to the latest, newest music. Here’s what rocked my world this week, there is a sound for everyone in this bunch. Add some music to your weekend. Listen.


New to me,  Migrant Kids have been around Austin for a while now, and their Facebook Page says they are working on new music. This song is a beautiful heartfelt expression painted with the best plucking guitar…..(anybody else hear a modern version of Flock of Seagulls?) Swoon.


Migrant Kids-Thread


It is a phenomenally good week when this man puts out new music. Let’s all take the high road with Jason Isbell, a southern songwriting favorite.


Jason Isbell- Hope The High Road


The Drums are back! Jangly, joyous indie-pop with pleading lyrics. Love confessions. It hits us all.

“…Yes It’s true

that I hurt you

but I still love you,

I love you,

I still do…”


The Drums-Blood Under My Belt


I am insanely obsessed with this tune and Oddisee.…Perfect for a pick me up weekend dance tune. So much truth to the “things” in life.




Still reliving Savannah Stopover and can’t shake this catchy tune from my head. Weaves had a genre bouncing performance that was the bomb. Check out my day #3 at Stopover…Here. Love.




And to top it all off, I listened to this tune from my inbox today…a soothing sound with a matching vocal of calm. Melodic and pleasantly addicting, he’s out of San Diego, but now based in LA. Julian Jasper has a new EP out on May 5th. Good stuff right here, check him out.


Julian Jasper-2AM, Chinatown


Then, I don’t know about you, but I love to jam to the unexpected wild sound of newness. Meatbodies has such a raw garage band, punky and chunky, rock and roll sound. A step into the futuristic past (Is that a thing ?).


photo- Ada Rajkovic

Meatbodies-Creature Feature


I also added these tunes to my Spotify playlist for Jan/Feb/March. Check it out and follow along with me.



Savannah Stopover Day 3 in PHOTOS #HappyStopover @SavStopover

Stopover is a satisfying musical meal of varying tastes and genres which wholeheartedly garnish an expression of happiness and appreciation from all.


I woke up slowly to a sunshiney Saturday that had all of the feels of a relaxed Sunday. The only difference was there was no time for a lazy brunch with Bloodies or Mimosas. There was nothing lazy about this last day of Savannah Stopover. I wanted to be ahead of the schedule and yes, I made a point to see the early bands that deserved some serious love.

With a bit of time, I was able to poke my head into a few shops. At  Midge (full of amazing women’s clothing) I found the softest top and totally get this saying!


I also stumbled upon a vintage shop that had so much to see and giggle over. You never know when you might want a scary mouse, house decoration…


Seriously hoping we won’t ever need this…

IMG_8334 2.jpg

Time for the bands to begin!



First up, a surprisingly talented band, full of energy and power. Remember their name…Best Behavior

Best Behavior at El-Rocko






Had a great chat with Jon Mann, a guitarist for Best Behavior. I was crazily struck by the joy and passion of this band member. His words tumbled quickly to discuss music and his personal experiences in sharing music through writing, performing, and even creating podcasts.  I wish I could remember every detail. Best Behavior should stay the course because they are on the verge of something big, I feel it.







A fun way to end a power packed set!




Rock on friends!

When one band plays at Stopover, another waits in the wings. if you are a big fan it is something to behold, providing an easy chance to chat or give a thumbs up of support.

Here, The Britanys are relaxing and doing pre-show gathering rituals.




The Britanys-El-Rocko Lounge






Evidence they were totally rocking us out!




We quickly headed over to Trinity United Methodist Church to hear a local Savannah band.

We cut through a beautiful park.


When we arrived at Trinity, I appreciated the warm greeting on the church marquee.

IMG_8345 2


The night before, I bumped into a guy from Savannah. We chatted and lo and behold it turned out he was the guitarist for LuLu The Giant. Rachael Shaner, the lead singer and bassist, has vocal talent which shines brightly in this unusual trio. Their sound is unique and pleasing with a stand up bass, drums, and a psychedelic/jazzy guitar. Alex Bazemore (my new friend) promised my favorite song, “Drown” was on the setlist. They didn’t disappoint.

Lulu The Giant-Trinity United Methodist Church








Thank goodness Trinity was within a couple of blocks to El Rocko Lounge. It was a dart back and forth most of the day into the evening. I had my heart set on seeing Charly Bliss. She is one rockin’ gal that has a busy, jumping, power punching show!

Charly Bliss-El Rocko Lounge













Jammin’ and slammin’ the set!


Between her manic guitar strumming, and the pounding drum beat, the crowd grew in size and the mood was cranked!

After her set, it was time for another dart back to Trinity and a quieter more ‘sooth your soul’ sound. From playing on the streets of Boston, I imagine this gig with its lovely sound, seemed like a nice trajectory for Tall Heights.  I am a new fan, for sure.

Tall Heights-Trinity United Methodist Church 








In between songs, they had a witty banter that kept us all intrigued and gave additional solid evidence of their thoughtful lyrics and musical depth.

The last day of Stopover was only beginning, and I felt like a lucky voyeur into a world of the incredible. Stopover is a satisfying musical meal of varying tastes and genres which wholeheartedly garnish an expression of happiness and appreciation from all.

Hunger began to call me. I had a skinny moment to replenish and prepare for the amazing talent yet to come.

Unfortunately the city was packed with Saturday night visitors, diners, and pre-St. Patty’s Day drinkers. Every establishment had an hour waitlist and a busy bar crowd. Frustrated, I was almost ready to forego my meal, until I walked into a cool underground establishment, Alligator Soul.


Stellar service and the best mussels I have had in awhile!

I made it back to Trinity in just enough time to see the last song of Christopher Paul Stelling. Not exactly on my radar, but the crowd was wild in support and singing along. I was sad to have missed him, but captured a quick ending shot.

Christopher Paul Stelling-Trinity United Methodist Church


In my mind, I was just pleased as punch that I made it in enough time to see Julien Baker. She has been a favorite of mine for the past year or so. I have seen her in concert before, but in a church with amazing acoustics and sound…I knew it was going to be special and it was, without a doubt.


Until the first strum of her guitar, there wasn’t a sound throughout the large crowded church. I noted that occasionally someone might shift in their pew, creating a subtle quiet squeak, but overall, her voice and her guitar were waited on with baited breath. With her open diary kind of songwriting, it strikes me as obviously pertinent that she would sing almost every song with her eyes closed in a thoughtful, pensive delivery.





A gigantic thank you to my new friend Oliver (boomingmusicscene) for video-taping her newest song. It is quiet and soft, but please stick with it, because of its raw humanity and the wide open exposure of her vulnerability. Watery eye worthy (which happened to me and others near me) . BEAUTIFUL!

I am excited about and am anticipating more of her creative work. I feel like this was a once in a life time opportunity to see her in this beautiful venue with such an intimate appreciative crowd. She is so young and I will always gage her career beside this exquisite moment that Savannah Stopover provided.

Back to the real world and off to hear some power rock with Rude Dude And The Creek Freaks.

Rude Dude And The Creek Freaks-The Jinx






Lewis Del Mar-Ships Of The Sea





What a fun performance!


Saturday was truly packed with talent, and I was chomping at the bit to see Tim Darcy of Ought share songs from his new solo album. Although very different from the punk sound of Ought, it was serendipitous for him to perform Saturday Night on this perfect Saturday night in Savannah. Known for his clever way with words, I was expecting more of the same and was pleasantly surprised with his story like songs packed with wit, poetry, and questioning ideas. Deep and clearly distinctive in his own personal way, he gradually won over the audience which was not quite sure what to expect.

Tim Darcy-Wild Wing






Joyously, I purchased a tee and button for my collection and found myself in a conversation with Darcy after the show. We discussed the band, Ought, and his new solo material (yes I did a bit of fan gushing). He shared his musical influences and the fact that he never stops loving and listening to Neutral Milk Hotel, but has taken up listening to Majical Cloudz as of late. So, I have been listening to Majical Cloudz with a new found appreciation.


Ron Gallo-El-Rocko Lounge










What an incredible show! Rock and Roll is alive and kicking with this new guitar driven band on the scene. A jumping Jack flash lead singer, he was difficult to capture, but I made my best effort, all while savoring my own view of the show, minus a camera stuck to my eye.

Catch him in concert. He was one of my surprise favorites of the weekend.

Ron is dripping with cool, but I also noticed this hip blond watching the show. Then afterwards, I found out they were together and it kinda blew my mind. So perfect!



After a ‘must see’ report from Tim Darcy , I made a point to see Weaves. So, we stayed put at El-Rocko for the last show of the evening. I can say it was the perfect exclamation point ending to a festival clearly giving support to a bourgeoning music scene.

Weaves-El-Rocko Lounge

You know when you see these shoes, it is gonna be good!










Here’s when the dance party began! Because of course, that is the best ending!



I don’t remember what song I heard these lyrics from this weekend, but they stuck with me. Thought I would share them with you all…

“There’s a world, if you believe, and you breathe down deep…” 

I am so lucky I get to experience music, breathe down deep, and share it with you all!

Until next year, Savannah!













Savannah Stopover Must See Saturday Shows-#HappyStopover @SavStopover

Saturday Savannah Stopover bands provide a wide range of sounds. Something for everyone!

C’mon and make the short trek to Savannah and spend your Saturday listening to awesome bands. Here’s a  nice way to start your Saturday. Step up and check out my early in the day band picks….


Best Behavior-Buried on a Mountain

Go local and check out LuLu The Giant with her upright bass and thoughtful songs. I posted about her HERE.

Or check out The Britanys...They have a Strokes vibe, but definitely have a unique, one-of-a-kind thumbprint. A new EP, Five a Side just out so lots to hear.


The Britanys-In Your Time


With a bit of radio play and a nice hit…“Glitter”. Charly Bliss is an up and comer on the indie scene. Thought I waould share the latest release from the album Guppy


Charly Bliss-Percolator


Working our way into the evening, Tall Heights is my pick for the 6’o’clock hour. They will provide a nice chill folksy vibe to help me build up stamina for the rest of the evening.


Tall Heights -Spirit Cold (live)


Next, I can’t miss Julien Baker. A singer, songwriter, and tender and raw lyricist, I know I’ve seen her before, but I can’t miss her at Stopover. Don’t miss her either.



Julien Baker-Everybody Does


Now it is time to sway to the music and crank it up a notch….Lewis Del Mar works out just fine.


Lewis Del Mar-Painting (Masterpiece)


On to Half Waif


photo by Mike Lindle


Half Waif-Nest


Tim Darcy of Ought has a new solo project, Saturday Night, and it is really really good. Can’t possibly pass up the chance to hear him share it live.


Tim Darcy-Tall Glass of Water


Moving into a heavier rock vibe, let’s go hear Ron Gallo of Nashville. This tune has a guitar sound like the Black Keys, but  no mistaking it, he is solidly his own rock and roll.


Ron Gallo-Young Lady


If you would rather have a smoother, less wired sound, this band is for you, The Undercover Dream Lovers.


The Undercover Dream Lovers-The Way You Look (Ft. Rivka Rose)


I have been into Weaves for a couple of years now. With one of my favorites, “Don’t Drag Me Down”, I am excited to see them live.


Weaves-Coo Coo


I will be sad when this weekend ends….My favorite festival totally rocks!