Savannah Stopover 2020-Opening Night Review in Photos

I saw almost half of the shows at Savannah StopoverX. Sit back and let me reminisce my happy weekend with you!

Exactly one week ago I was dancing….

2020 has been a really weird year. It seems the world is constantly in flux, tragedy, or confusing conflicting situations. That doesn’t even take into account all of the rain, rain , and more rain. I was in desperate need to check out, do something fun for the sake of simple joy. I am so thankful Savannah Stopover comes so early in the year. It literally kicks off new music and provides a nice distraction from politics and pandemics.

This year was my 5th year covering this sleeping giant of a festival. out of the ten years they have put it on. I feel so lucky to be a part of Stopover. It truly is a diamond in the rough, and needs more recognition for the amazing music exploration opportunities it provides.

So you say, I don’t know anyone going. I just have to say, I meet the most incredible people each year. All ages and in all stages of life. Also, I am surrounded by people that love music. What could be nicer than that?

So you say, I don’t like big, crowded festivals. Stopover is for you. Each band plays in a small venue located around the city. The main stage at Ships of the Sea holds the largest crowd, but there is always room in the back or along the side to stay out of the maddening crowd (there is also a VIP lounge area).

So you say, I am not an indie music fan, well Stopover is for you. Over 60 bands perform and fit in many different categories, country, rock, dance music, post punk, folk, blue grass. You name a genre, almost any big genre and there is a band or a few for you.

So you say, I don’t know any of the bands playing. That is the point! It is total music discovery! With a little bit of perseverance and a lot of walking, you can see almost every band and learn who your new favorites happen to be. For me, I end up tracking my favorites throughout the year and always hear their newest music first. Many Stopover newbies have albums/songs that end up in the top music for the year.

So even though this amazing festival has come to a close for 2020, you can make plans for March 2021 and live vicariously through my 2020 photos. I saw almost half the shows. So sit back and let me reminisce my happy weekend with you. Crazy that it was only last week….it feels like a lifetime ago.

Here is my photo montage of the opening night…..

Opening Night Thursday

Savannah Stopover 2020-Opening Night

Stomp, Clomp, and Romp to the great bands at StopoverX.

Tall Tall Trees

If you haven’t experienced this talented musician’s show…you haven’t fully lived. Tall Tall Trees is Mike Savino and his electric banjo comes to life through his magical plucking. He adds loops and effect pedals which enhance the folk, roots, psychedelic sound. Did I mention his banjo lights up and resonates with the music? What an amazing start to Stopover X!

I have to include a cute photo of my favorite Savannah Stopover music loving friends from Myrtle Beach! This guy is always on the front row and knows his music. I am surprised he isn’t wearing his signature dark shades! Lucky me to have him as a loyal blog follower! He even made me hand out cards to everyone around them.

The Bones of J.R. Jones

It was incredibly cold on Thursday night. My hands were frozen because I didn’t have any gloves. The photos reflect my shivering and my cold to the bone feeling. Because the music was so amazing, the dropping temperatures and wind didn’t seem to phase the crowds. We all just huddled up a bit tighter, and moved closer to the music to keep warm.

Meet Karla and her husband Pete. She DM’d JR Jones aka Jonathon Linaberry and said she hoped to hear her favorite song they used in their recent wedding. Low and behold he did and gave them a shout out! What a great guy! They were thrilled!

I rushed over to Service Brewing because I had a quick minute to check out another band. I took in a couple of songs with Savannah locals, Clouds and Satellites. I enjoyed their indie/country rock vibe. They had the perfect sound for a enjoying a nice cold brew and gathering with friends.

Clouds and Satellites

Acid Carousel

Acid Carousel slaps! They are 100% energy and left my head spinning a little. It was almost impossible to capture their on stage photos without a camera I can’t afford. But, I gave it a shot and here are a couple worth sharing. The hazy photos resemble their enigmatic music. Go check them out, if you ever get the chance to see them live. They gathered a bigger crowd with each song, and we were all dancing and singing, never taking our eyes off of their entertaining performance. So much fun! Seeing them play was a happy accident, because I was actually there to see the next band.

Acid Carousel is a molded combination of 60’s psych/pop, maybe some of The Beatles dreamier tunes, and surf rock. Be prepared for lots of guitar, full on drums, and head swinging /banging beats. It was a groovy time travel. I had the pleasure of chatting with them after their show and found them to be approachable, fun loving, and true to their on stage personas. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least. Here’s hoping they venture back to Georgia sometime soon!

Neighbor Lady

Atlanta’s own, Neighbor Lady was up next. They always put on a great show. Their sound is indie-rock with a hint of country. The lead vocalist, Emily Braden, has a power packed voice and the rest of the band stands strong in support.

And just so you know, this is Jordan Reynolds (who fronts Rose Hotel), but she was off to the side and sort of hidden from the adoring crowd.

I love this short clip of the band, because it gives you a hint of their talent.

The Cowboys

I slipped into The Jinx to listen to a few of The Cowboys’ tunes on my way to the next gig. They had a retro indie sound which captured the many fans. I was surprised they weren’t a country band. I looked them up and found they are out of Indiana, and have quite a lot of depth of music. Check them out.

Elf Power

Elf Power has a vast history of musical influence. They began in 1994 in Athens, GA. They have collaborated and had contributions from Neutral Milk Hotel, Kevin Barnes with Of Montreal, and supported acts like R.E.M. Their indie rock sound is totally relevant today and they have a large discography of well written nostalgic tunes. This timeless band is a classic.

Here’s just a hint of the Athens band….


Hallelujah! I was finally able to experience Omni live. I have been following their music for a while now and love their post punk sound. I have sooo many songs on repeat on my personal Spotify playlist and I have shared them here on the blog. They continue to get better and better. Their show was a solid one as well. I love when a band isn’t over produced in a studio, so the “live” version is a great one. Omni definitely met all of my expectations. The fans were rocking out too, squeezing in every nook and cranny of The Jinx.

I hope you are safe, that you have provisions for social distancing, and that you can simply enjoy the beauty of gifted musical creatives. I have a couple of other posts on Stopover. Stay tuned and follow me to bring a little joy into your life.

Wild Rivers-Interview and Photos From Their Recent Atlanta Show

Wild Rivers were sweeping through the south to perform music from their latest EP, Eighty Eight-Interview and Photos


In support of their recent EP release Wild Rivers is currently burning up the highways and byways of the states. Most recently, they were sweeping throughout the south, and Atlanta was fortunate they made a stop at Eddie’s Attic last Thursday evening. Having played the venue before, they seemed relaxed prior to the show as they were spotted happily chatting to excited ticket holders of the sold out show.

A few weeks ago, I shared their tune “Howling” before realizing they might make the long trek to Atlanta. I simply knew it was a winner. When I heard they were making Atlanta a part of their tour, they were kind enough to answer a few questions to help us get to know them a little better.

Wild Rivers is a Toronto based band with seamless guitar, steady percussion and stunning vocal harmonies, all fused together with earnest songwriting. The group began with Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein, and they were voted Toronto’s best new artist in 2015. Since then, they added Ben Labenski (drums), and Andrew Oliver (bass, guitar). Although at their performance in Atlanta, the drummer was someone else (did not catch his name) filling in for Ben. He was talented, but not sure if he was a permanent change or filling in.

1. How did you all meet? What is the story behind the name, Wild Rivers?

Devan Glover-

“A few of us met in college, and through mutual friends. A music career was something we’d all dreamed of pursuing, so after graduation we started to take it more seriously, and that summer we got into the studio to record our first album. We all got together to work out arrangements for the songs, and have been playing together ever since. It all kind of developed from there.” 

“As for the name, honestly it came from hours and hours of playing word association in the car. On long drives, we’d spitball combinations of words that we liked, writing down the ones that sounded cool and resonated in some way. “Wild Rivers” was in the running, and one day we stumbled upon a poem by Gregory Orr that we related to, titled The River (see it here). Thematically, The River resonated with us because it’s about taking a plunge into the unknown. At the time, this was exactly what we were doing, diving into a new career path and experiencing the uncertainty that comes with graduating college and having to figure your life out. The poem mentioned ‘Wild Rivers’ a lot, so that’s how we settled on the name.”

2. When I listen to your music, I feel like it has the roots of folk/rock/country music I have grown up with all my life living in the American south, but you breathe a freshness to it which makes it unique. Who are your musical influences and how does that impact your sound?  


“We all grew up listening to lots of classic singer/songwriter, folk and rock music –  James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The Beatles. We draw a lot of inspiration from artists in that era – particularly when it comes to songs with a heavy lyrical focus and lots of vocal harmony. We also look to a lot of current folk/rock artists for inspiration – The Lumineers, Bahamas, Half Moon Run to name a few – but individually, our musical tastes span across many genres. I think this works to our advantage, because it allows us to incorporate certain aspects of different genres into our own music, and hopefully create something unique. When you think about it, the best bands have never been bound to a certain genre. Fleetwood Mac has songs ranging from country to pop to folk to rock. John Mayer started as a singer/songwriter, went on to put out a country blues album, and is now sampling hip hop beats in his newer music. We try to operate under the mentality that the best song always wins, no matter if it necessarily “fits” within a certain genre.”


3. This isn’t your first big tour, what do you look forward to the most this time around? What have you learned about being on the road and staying fresh for each show?

Khalid Yassein-

“We’ve never been to the West Coast, so that’s going to be a huge highlight. We’ve had a lot of people asking for us to come out so it’ll be cool to finally play some shows out there! We’re planning on doing lots of hiking and exploring on days off. We’ve gotten a lot better at managing our sleep and exercising  when we’re on tour. We’re also always looking for healthy food and it’s fun to find new little spots. We’ve been at it long enough now that we know what works and what’s not sustainable. It’s all about balance.” 


4. What is your songwriting style or music making process? Does the music follow the lyrics or the other way around? Is it collaborative writing or do one or two of you develop a song and then bring it to the band to complete?


We go about it a lot of ways. On our first record, I  wrote a lot of the songs, almost always with music first and then building lyrics and ideas on that. Devan and I co-wrote a few on that album, which is cool because Devan is mostly lyrics first. On our new EP we co-wrote a lot with each other, as well as with a few songwriters out of Nashville which was a pretty awesome experience. You get a new feel when you step out of your comfort zone with new writing situations, it’s fun! “


5. When y’all are on the road, what other bands are you listening to?


We love all kinds of music. A lot of old classics, today we were going through the Beatles discography start to finish. Right now we’re into a rapper called Noname out of Chicago who’s incredible. And in the Americana world we’re really into new records from Rayland Baxter and Ruston Kelly. We like to mix it up for long drives.”  

They gave me a few new sounds and if you know me, you know I have already tapped into them on Spotify.

Wild Rivers at Eddie’s Attic

As we were waiting for Wild Rivers to begin, Eddie’s Attic filled up quickly with a buzz of excitement. It was a sold out show, with very little standing room. I enjoyed chatting it up with people who were there. Two pretty girls were standing behind me, and I couldn’t help overhear their strategy to try and find two empty seats. I made every effort to help them, but it wasn’t possible that night. When I explained about my blog and why I was there, they asked if the band members were friendly and nice. I explained that they were incredibly open and made an effort to answer my questions as well as chat with me before the show. Some bands don’t do that! The girls were big fans trekking miles and miles to see Wild Rivers on a Thursday night, and they actually breathed a sigh of relief to hear the band was genuine.

Certainly talent, creativity, and presence helps, but sometimes it is the extra effort to chat with fans that can make all the difference. Wild Rivers seemed polished and practiced, with no stumbles or fumbles that I could tell. They were hitting all the right notes and truly fantastic.

Wild Rivers-L-R  Khalid Yassein, Devan Glover, and Andrew Oliver


I really tried to capture Khalid’s dreamy sincere eyes, but I didn’t bring my obnoxious lenses. Others were swooning along side me…It is a forceful combo of crazy smooth talent + good looks. He has something to say and expresses moods and emotions in a way that connects.


Wild Rivers had quiet solo moments with an acoustic guitar, as well as powerful full band, hand-clap inspiring tunes. They mixed up their songs nicely and at moments, I wished I could stand up and sway to the ever changing tempos, but didn’t want to block the view of others.


Andrew’s guitar added a depth to the songs and gave them an edge, which without, would have left them lacking. The drum and guitar complete their sound and help them to expand the possibilities.




Some bands chat between songs and some bands don’t. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. In this case Khalid did most of the talking and it worked well. You could hear a pin drop. He gave some background to his songwriting and the premise for the lyrics. I felt the purpose behind the music, which only made me appreciate it more.


Devan has an incredible voice which puts this band on another level. I kind of expected sweet chirping blue birds to land on her outstretched hands at times. Yep, the range and control was enviable and jaw dropping. She made it seem so effortless. And yes, a woman from the audience yelled out at the end of one song, “You’ve got some pipes girl!” after she belted out a deeper tone.




I captured a snippet of Wild Rivers performing their latest hit, “I Won’t Be Back”, from their recent EP release titled, Eighty Eight.


I was able to nab the set list after the show, and the guy sitting next to me was reminded, and jumped up to get another one for his wife (who is also from Toronto!). She is holding it as her friends gather around. They were my pick for super fans (pictured at the foot of my blog homepage) and all went home smiling!


Here is my set list up close. Note-there is a new tune on the list, “Moving Target”. Listening, I could hear the continued growth of this band and recognize the influences of the multiple genres they described in the questions above. 


They have a host of shows from here till the first of December. Don’t miss them while they are still playing intimate venues. Check out if they are coming near you by clicking here. Wild Rivers Shows

As summer begins to loosen up its grip on us all, it was nice to begin fall with a show which proved to be really tremendous.

High Water Fest-Sunday Sounds

Sharing the bands you should know about at High Water Fest

In a hurry to get to the Saturday shows, but thought I’d pop out some music for you to contemplate, especially if you aren’t at High Water and want to hear the other bands playing Sunday. (full disclosure, I was crunching to spit this out before the shows today, so not much background…just music)

The Suffers-Sunday at 1:00

Wanna get your dance on? Then this Houston, gulf coast band could do the trick. Harboring a sound with a heartfelt mixture of vintage R&B and classic rock & roll with dashes of reggae, country, and hip-hop, The Suffers ten piece band might make you move your feet. Swinging your hips to the beat, slow jamming with your honey-pie, or just nodding your head in approval will be the perfect Sunday morning recovery we will seek after a Saturday of ‘full on’ sound.

Indianola-Sunday 1:45

I first learned of Indianola at Wildwood Festival outside of Athens, Georgia. I fell in love with his song “Heartstrings”. I blogged it HERE. Excited to see Indianola again, I listen to try and find other music to appreciate. Well here you go, a raw, heartfelt outcry of pain expressed in simple music. Love!

Deer Tick-Sunday 2:30

Been around awhile, but serious talent worth checking out… This tune is from 2009, but I appreciate it as if it is brand spanking new.

The Deslondes-Sunday 3:15

The Deslondes have a new one and holy cow, a nice remembrance of slower sweeter times…

Matthew Logan Vasquez-Sunday 5:00

Shared his music before, and pumped to hearing him live.


Slow Runner-Sunday 6:45

Wow, I am a fan and will appreciate their indie sound, cause it is more my speed.


John Moreland-Sunday 8:45

Ready to Yee-Haw!


Okay, I’ve covered all of the bands playing at High Water Festival. Sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, and water….I am off! Wish you were here!

Savannah Stopover Day 3 in PHOTOS #HappyStopover @SavStopover

Stopover is a satisfying musical meal of varying tastes and genres which wholeheartedly garnish an expression of happiness and appreciation from all.


I woke up slowly to a sunshiney Saturday that had all of the feels of a relaxed Sunday. The only difference was there was no time for a lazy brunch with Bloodies or Mimosas. There was nothing lazy about this last day of Savannah Stopover. I wanted to be ahead of the schedule and yes, I made a point to see the early bands that deserved some serious love.

With a bit of time, I was able to poke my head into a few shops. At  Midge (full of amazing women’s clothing) I found the softest top and totally get this saying!


I also stumbled upon a vintage shop that had so much to see and giggle over. You never know when you might want a scary mouse, house decoration…


Seriously hoping we won’t ever need this…

IMG_8334 2.jpg

Time for the bands to begin!



First up, a surprisingly talented band, full of energy and power. Remember their name…Best Behavior

Best Behavior at El-Rocko






Had a great chat with Jon Mann, a guitarist for Best Behavior. I was crazily struck by the joy and passion of this band member. His words tumbled quickly to discuss music and his personal experiences in sharing music through writing, performing, and even creating podcasts.  I wish I could remember every detail. Best Behavior should stay the course because they are on the verge of something big, I feel it.







A fun way to end a power packed set!




Rock on friends!

When one band plays at Stopover, another waits in the wings. if you are a big fan it is something to behold, providing an easy chance to chat or give a thumbs up of support.

Here, The Britanys are relaxing and doing pre-show gathering rituals.




The Britanys-El-Rocko Lounge






Evidence they were totally rocking us out!




We quickly headed over to Trinity United Methodist Church to hear a local Savannah band.

We cut through a beautiful park.


When we arrived at Trinity, I appreciated the warm greeting on the church marquee.

IMG_8345 2


The night before, I bumped into a guy from Savannah. We chatted and lo and behold it turned out he was the guitarist for LuLu The Giant. Rachael Shaner, the lead singer and bassist, has vocal talent which shines brightly in this unusual trio. Their sound is unique and pleasing with a stand up bass, drums, and a psychedelic/jazzy guitar. Alex Bazemore (my new friend) promised my favorite song, “Drown” was on the setlist. They didn’t disappoint.

Lulu The Giant-Trinity United Methodist Church








Thank goodness Trinity was within a couple of blocks to El Rocko Lounge. It was a dart back and forth most of the day into the evening. I had my heart set on seeing Charly Bliss. She is one rockin’ gal that has a busy, jumping, power punching show!

Charly Bliss-El Rocko Lounge













Jammin’ and slammin’ the set!


Between her manic guitar strumming, and the pounding drum beat, the crowd grew in size and the mood was cranked!

After her set, it was time for another dart back to Trinity and a quieter more ‘sooth your soul’ sound. From playing on the streets of Boston, I imagine this gig with its lovely sound, seemed like a nice trajectory for Tall Heights.  I am a new fan, for sure.

Tall Heights-Trinity United Methodist Church 








In between songs, they had a witty banter that kept us all intrigued and gave additional solid evidence of their thoughtful lyrics and musical depth.

The last day of Stopover was only beginning, and I felt like a lucky voyeur into a world of the incredible. Stopover is a satisfying musical meal of varying tastes and genres which wholeheartedly garnish an expression of happiness and appreciation from all.

Hunger began to call me. I had a skinny moment to replenish and prepare for the amazing talent yet to come.

Unfortunately the city was packed with Saturday night visitors, diners, and pre-St. Patty’s Day drinkers. Every establishment had an hour waitlist and a busy bar crowd. Frustrated, I was almost ready to forego my meal, until I walked into a cool underground establishment, Alligator Soul.


Stellar service and the best mussels I have had in awhile!

I made it back to Trinity in just enough time to see the last song of Christopher Paul Stelling. Not exactly on my radar, but the crowd was wild in support and singing along. I was sad to have missed him, but captured a quick ending shot.

Christopher Paul Stelling-Trinity United Methodist Church


In my mind, I was just pleased as punch that I made it in enough time to see Julien Baker. She has been a favorite of mine for the past year or so. I have seen her in concert before, but in a church with amazing acoustics and sound…I knew it was going to be special and it was, without a doubt.


Until the first strum of her guitar, there wasn’t a sound throughout the large crowded church. I noted that occasionally someone might shift in their pew, creating a subtle quiet squeak, but overall, her voice and her guitar were waited on with baited breath. With her open diary kind of songwriting, it strikes me as obviously pertinent that she would sing almost every song with her eyes closed in a thoughtful, pensive delivery.





A gigantic thank you to my new friend Oliver (boomingmusicscene) for video-taping her newest song. It is quiet and soft, but please stick with it, because of its raw humanity and the wide open exposure of her vulnerability. Watery eye worthy (which happened to me and others near me) . BEAUTIFUL!

I am excited about and am anticipating more of her creative work. I feel like this was a once in a life time opportunity to see her in this beautiful venue with such an intimate appreciative crowd. She is so young and I will always gage her career beside this exquisite moment that Savannah Stopover provided.

Back to the real world and off to hear some power rock with Rude Dude And The Creek Freaks.

Rude Dude And The Creek Freaks-The Jinx






Lewis Del Mar-Ships Of The Sea





What a fun performance!


Saturday was truly packed with talent, and I was chomping at the bit to see Tim Darcy of Ought share songs from his new solo album. Although very different from the punk sound of Ought, it was serendipitous for him to perform Saturday Night on this perfect Saturday night in Savannah. Known for his clever way with words, I was expecting more of the same and was pleasantly surprised with his story like songs packed with wit, poetry, and questioning ideas. Deep and clearly distinctive in his own personal way, he gradually won over the audience which was not quite sure what to expect.

Tim Darcy-Wild Wing






Joyously, I purchased a tee and button for my collection and found myself in a conversation with Darcy after the show. We discussed the band, Ought, and his new solo material (yes I did a bit of fan gushing). He shared his musical influences and the fact that he never stops loving and listening to Neutral Milk Hotel, but has taken up listening to Majical Cloudz as of late. So, I have been listening to Majical Cloudz with a new found appreciation.


Ron Gallo-El-Rocko Lounge










What an incredible show! Rock and Roll is alive and kicking with this new guitar driven band on the scene. A jumping Jack flash lead singer, he was difficult to capture, but I made my best effort, all while savoring my own view of the show, minus a camera stuck to my eye.

Catch him in concert. He was one of my surprise favorites of the weekend.

Ron is dripping with cool, but I also noticed this hip blond watching the show. Then afterwards, I found out they were together and it kinda blew my mind. So perfect!



After a ‘must see’ report from Tim Darcy , I made a point to see Weaves. So, we stayed put at El-Rocko for the last show of the evening. I can say it was the perfect exclamation point ending to a festival clearly giving support to a bourgeoning music scene.

Weaves-El-Rocko Lounge

You know when you see these shoes, it is gonna be good!










Here’s when the dance party began! Because of course, that is the best ending!



I don’t remember what song I heard these lyrics from this weekend, but they stuck with me. Thought I would share them with you all…

“There’s a world, if you believe, and you breathe down deep…” 

I am so lucky I get to experience music, breathe down deep, and share it with you all!

Until next year, Savannah!













PHOTOS-Margaret Glaspy and Bad Bad Hats @The Earl

In front of quiet thoughtful onlookers, these bands powered out emotional tunes with warm guitars.

Just a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to get tickets to see Margaret Glaspy. Little did I know, I would also adore the band, Bad Bad Hats, which supported her show. Lucky me, I got to The Earl in plenty of time! Relive the fun with me!



Bad Bad Hats

Bad Bad Hats is a band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and they are Kerry Alexander (vocals,guitar), Chris Hoge (drums), and Noah Boswell (bass). Kerry moved away from her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama and had to cope with a brand new world. So, she began writing songs to survive her loneliness and fill her time. She brings emotion and a realness to the stage. I can totally relate.





Margaret Glaspy

Margaret Glaspy is a rising star in the world of female singer/songwriters. She has such a distinctive voice and style of bluesy folk rock. Her debut album Emotions and Math is a worthwhile listen and she sums up the title well…

“In a lot of ways, it’s kind of how I operate,” says Glaspy. “I’ve always considered myself a free spirit, someone who goes with the flow, but actually I’m not exactly like that. This record really taught me that I’m super analytical and process-driven. I think they really do go together, emotions and math. Nobody is just one thing.”

I blogged her song “Somebody To Anybody”, because I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. That doesn’t really happen all that often for me. I just knew her sound was different and creatively notable. You can check it out HERE.






I love when I can get a glimpse of the set list! It helps me remember the night and I can later play it back to enjoy over and over.





After an extensive tour through Australia, Glaspy will return to Atlanta for Shaky Knees Festival on May 12. Check out her tour dates here. Don’t miss her show.

Margaret Glaspy Tour

Wildwood Revival 2016-CloverLeaf Farm

Wildwood Revival ‘combines the soul of a juke joint, the wild spirit of a honky tonk, and the camaraderie of a supper club’.

A Bunch of Bands and a Bunch of Fun

Wildwood Revival is a boutique music festival that features many bands over a three day period (August 26th-28th). The festival showcases incredible music and they make every effort to create a full on cultural experience. Many of the unique offerings are an outdoor cinema, karaoke, camping, wiffle ball, dance party, farm to table food selections and a delicious gospel brunch.

With the tag line of “Get Out Of Town”, you can’t argue the intent for simplicity and a joyously relaxed atmosphere. Wildwood takes place on historic Cloverleaf Farm just outside of Athens, Georgia and despite its relative newness, it continues to grow in popularity.

The music acts are quite diverse and unique. The sounds range from country to Americana, to blues, and good ol’southern rock and roll. Honestly, there seems to be a genre to fit everyone’s taste. The website describes it perfectly, “This event combines the soul of a juke joint, the wild spirit of a honky tonk, and the camaraderie of a supper club.”

I was only there for Saturday, but next year I hope to attend the entire weekend!

In a desire to capture the unique venue and the raucous spirit, I took a heap of photos and am sharing some examples of the music…Hope it entices you to consider coming next year.

Cloverleaf Farm



The Music Lineup





A new tune from Susto that hilariously explains what an insane good time it is to see them live!

Teepee camping is one of the options




J P Harris









Legendary Shack Shakers





Colonel J. D. Wilkes





A Wowed Crowd



The barn and music lovers spilling out from every side 





Hackensaw Boys


Hackensaw Boys sporting the finest in musical equipment



Big George Brock





Some fun around the farm…. food, art, goods, photo trailers, and cocktails. 



Gillian Welch and David Rawlings

(sorry about the photo, sometimes I just wanna listen and I end up missing a good shot!)




What an incredible venue! It was fun to stretch my music listening ears and hear bands I don’t always take the time to find.

Well done, Wildwood Revival….I’m coming back next year!




Spoleto Finale-Middleton Place

Two fully loaded cars, six happy guests, and one shady piece of ground provided what was to be an epic celebration!

Coolers packed, picnic fare collected, and of course ice and more ice….we were officially ready for Spoleto Finale 2016, at Middleton Place, Charleston, South Carolina.

Meeting up with friends at the Total Wine parking lot West Ashley to gather in one car, we quickly realized we had too much for one vehicle. We had too many chairs, too many packs, too many coolers, and too many people…we had to abandon the the idea of a single  car making the trip. Crazy as it sounds we were scheduled to get to the Finale at the opening of the  gates. We wanted to be sure of a semi-shaded picnic spot (does that really make a difference at 102 degrees?) Two fully loaded cars, six happy guests, and one shady piece of ground provided what was to be an epic celebration!

With 102 degrees on our car temperature gauge, we were reluctant to head out so early. Thankfully we did, and the cucumber infused vodka specialty drinks were the happy reward for the sweat equity it cost us to haul all of the stuff!


First up on stage at the lovely Middleton Gardens…

The High Divers



Luke Mitchell

Summertime *


Jordan Igoe and Band



Paper May





Walking back to our picnic area, I spotted this lovely spread. They had fresh flowers and perfectly placed food from appetizers, to side dishes, to yummy main courses. If I return next year, I have some wonderful ideas to ‘up’ our game in the picnic department.





County Line *


DSC_0329 (1).jpg

Justin Osborne


My dancing and enjoyment kept me from a lot of picture taking.  I wish I captured the enthusiastic crowd of dancers and merrymakers. Although, I did spy and snap jammin’ gal pals!


Precious to the nth degree!


The sun was beginning to drop in the sky, but even though, the heat had a melting kind of power. We all fought the imminent zap of heat exhaustion, only because the music was so good and the crowd was so jubilant.


Friends were all found, dinners and snacks were all consumed, and the refreshing drinks were poured as we anticipated the headlining band. We cheered on the night!

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats


Between watching and singing along with Nathaniel, I found my attention on these two guys who kept me entertained by their musical and dancing contribution!

IMG_9759 (1).jpg

Look It Here



I wish I captured a video of Nathaniel Rateliff’s sliding, shuffling, and dancing feet…it was smooth!



Amazing music and an amazing show! These bands never disappoint. Who can resist the music performed, especially with the added bonus of taking place among the gorgeous backdrop of America’s oldest landscaped garden (1741) Middleton Place?


Just when you think you can’t possibly take in another amazing experience, the festival made a point to bid adieu to another successful season of Spoleto. Hurrah!


I can’t even imagine how they will top it next year.

Pack it up and let’s all head home! Ha!

IMG_9782 (3).jpg

*Check out the cool Spotify playlist of Summer Essential music through Hearts and Plugs. It includes The High Divers, SUSTO, and many other successful Charleston bands that I think you will fall in love with…



Shaky Knees-Day 3-Immersed in Images

Saying a final Yippee to Day 3 Immerse yourself in the images and relive the Fest’s last day


Hang out with me and experience Shaky Knees Day 3!


Julien Baker


One of the most buzzed about singers this past year. Julien is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter who totally lives up to the hype.







I love the fast paced conversational commentary of their music. But watching the lead singer stop playing guitar to move and gesture for emphasis was the bomb! Always loved Ought, but now after seeing them live, I am a forever fan.





Adia Victoria

If you haven’t heard Adia Victoria’s new album, Beyond The Bloodhounds, I highly recommend that you listen. Be prepared to be wowed. I feel sure she is going places with her bluesy grit and her stirring unforgettable live performances.





Her last song, “And Then You Die”, shook me to my core. Yes, my eyes leaked a bit, but I have to say, I treasure the surprise of finding a new sound at such a large music festival. This may have been my favorite performance of the weekend.

Rushing from stage to stage we caught Frightened Rabbit’s latest tune “Get Out” from afar. We were headed to catch, The Orwells.

The Orwells


The lead singer is all over the place, so these photos capture snippets of his performance. It is really all about the hair and how he swings it in his face as he sings, almost as if he is just singing alone in his bedroom. And periodically when he looks out in the audience, it is as if he is checking his reflection in a mirror. The odd way he moves and reacts to the lyrics is mesmerizing and memorable.



The Orwells were another act at the very first Shaky Knees. They were on a smaller stage and it was pouring buckets of rain and Mario Cuomo the lead singer jumped out into the crowd to endure the rain with us. It was something to behold, a never forgotten place in time.

I even had a quick chance to chat about it with him!


Parquet Courts






St. Paul and The Broken Bones


They brought the midday crowds and held them all there, immersed in the music and the acrobatic performance of the lead singer, Paul Janeway.




It didn’t surprise me that he was once a preacher, but it was shocking how much he moved and still had unbelievable control of his voice. He belts out the tunes like no one’s business, and the horns and band were just icing on the cake! When he covered a favorite Beatle tune of mine, my heart melted and it wasn’t the heat of the mid afternoon sun!








The Ponce De Leon stage proved to be very difficult to take good pictures. I’m blaming it on my energy level at this point and the sun blaring over the top of the stage. Honestly after this pic, I went and sat down with friends and just listened. I kinda missed Katie Toupin who has been with them since the beginning. She recently announced she is off to pursue new opportunities.


The Head and The Heart


The Head and The Heart has always been a favorite of mine. Along with their tried and true beautiful tunes, they shared exciting new music. I am looking forward to hearing more in the coming months.



They weren’t really on my radar, but there was such a buzz about them the whole weekend, I felt compelled to check them out. I stayed at a safe distance, because their fans are wildly physical and I am just recovering from being in a cast for 4 1/2 months.




Explosions In The Sky


I have very few pictures of them because their music was so ethereal and chill. I just sat back and listened intently. It was really really good, and they have a new album out right now, The Wilderness.

Florence + The Machine

Here is a lil’ bit of Florence. She was a definite crowd pleaser!

IMG_4860 (1).jpg


It was difficult to end this amazing weekend of music, but my dogs were barking and my soft pillow seemed like a far away dream. Fortunately, the walk to Marta had a pleasant surprise, because you and I both know….the music is never really officially over. You can experience it any time you feel the need, and sometimes it just comes and finds you.

Enjoy the video!

A final yippee to the end of Day 3!

Shaky Knees-Day 2-Immersed in Images

Literally out of the blue, we said goodbye to Day 2! Immerse yourself in the images to relive the moments.

Music and more music to my ears! Immersed in Images-Day 2



Hop Along


The stormy sounds and lyrical open diary of this band are something to force yourself to get up and get out early. I was so thankful we arrived just in time to experience it fully.



Day Wave

IMG_9330 (1).jpg




Day Wave was playing a music festival for the very first time! It sure seemed to me they had it all down.



And of course you should bring your trusty banana, so your friends can find you!


Noah Gundersen


Emotionally beautiful songs, of a deep hearted nature, encompass Noah Gundersen’s musical style. I followed him a couple of years ago when he had minimum instrumentation, but it was a bigger punch with this lovely band in support.

Heading back to the other Ponce De Leon stage I met this adorable gal, Jessica Pippard, all dressed up in fun clothes sitting in the sun. Please see her shoes! Platform love!

IMG_9362 (1).jpg

Shakey Graves

Resting our weary bones and waiting on Shakey Graves, we realized a bit too late he was performing an impressive, spontaneous acoustic set while they tried to fix the speaker system problems.


I was focused on the clouds going by and thought this cloud was a funky one. What do you see?

At first I saw a Scottish Terrier, then the head morphed into W.C. Fields. Suddenly, I snapped back to reality and heard Shakey ! He’s an act not to be missed.


For an early dinner, we listened to The Vaccines and checked out the other food truck zone. We found this crazy delicious and decadent dish.


Veggie loaded tater tots with a bit of  Sriracha sauce.

Wild Nothing


If my memory is correct the guitarist on the far right is from Roswell, GA. I’m there to support someone local, even if it is only him. I am thinking the local bands were few and far between. A missing link to this Festival, for sure.



Resting a bit, well really, camping out a good spot for Foals, we enjoyed Silversun Pickups from afar.

Silversun Pickups


Really far.



One of my most anticipated bands came up next and it was epic! Monumental! And…. as you will see, I was in the right place at the right time and was gobsmacked with the power of hearty rock and roll!








So, I was trying to capture the excitement, when lead singer, Yannis, brought the concert to me! Well, see what you think.

A moment of crazy excitement, I won’t quickly forget! The fun part was I made some great friends waiting on this concert, and we were all so blown away by the power and performance of Foals. Such an intensely cool experience. The music ended and we were slack jawed and speechless.


It ramped up my fun to be surrounded by people who were a blast and mega fans like me. This is Kyle, Sean, Taylor, and Peter. They traveled all the way from Richmond VA to come to Shaky Knees, and I had the privilege of hanging out with them for a very cool show!

I could have ended my night right here, but no…we made our way over to see Walk The Moon. I was still reveling in the glory of Foals, so I took my sweet time and caught this innovative couple.



When I arrived to see Walk The Moon, it was super packed and a fierce light show, so pictures proved quite difficult. This is just proof positive that I really did try…

Walk The Moon


After a couple of songs, we gave up and rushed off to see My Morning Jacket.

My Morning Jacket

IMG_4745 (1).jpg

Alongside the inspiring set of music, their show was loaded with lights and special effects.




The crazy coolest effect was when they covered Prince’s “Purple Rain” and made it appear to rain on Centennial Park as we were leaving. What, what? See for yourself, but obviously my picture doesn’t do it justice. I remember them at the very first Shaky Knees, I was standing in mud and pouring rain, and this appearance was like they were all grown up and we were too.


Literally out of the blue, we said goodbye to Day 2!

Shaky Knees -Day One- Immersed in Images

Day One and done at Shaky Knees. Immerse yourself in the images to relive the moments.

Mood Monday

Reminiscing about my glorious weekend of music at Shaky Knees!

Day One

Shaky Knees-IMG_9064




The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms IMG_9049


Who can resist a quick shot of the pop up wiggles on The Front Bottom’s stage?

The Front Bottoms-IMG_9055

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice-IMG_9070


Wolf Alice-IMG_9079 (1)


Wolf Alice-IMG_9072

I wish I could have captured the fun glitter bombs that happened around a pocket of people up front.  They would release handfuls of glitter at different intervals. It was so festive, and sparkly, and fun. It helped me to forget the bass was pounding out my ear drums.

Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters-IMG_9113


Probably  the most fun show of the day for me. Everyone was into the happy music, and smiles were all around. We participated in their show clapping joyously, dancing, and singing! But when they sent these out….the crowd went crazy!

Crystal Fighters-IMG_4576

Crystal Fighters-IMG_9120


Then there was this happening all around me…




Time for dinner and there were lots of delicious choices!



Taco Food Truck-IMG_4586


Say hi to Niah Bruce from Atlanta. She was standing in line with us and had the most beautiful smile. I loved her festival outfit.



This was not my choice, but he ate the WHOLE thing!



Alex G

Alex G-IMG_9139







Here you can see the incredibly fierce lead singer and get a sense of their mesmerizing set.



The one and only downfall of the new venue at Centennial Olympic Park were the long lines to reach the Boulevard and Piedmont stages. In order to get to those stages we would have to cross a busy road, so they created a walking bridge over the road. Problem solved?

Shaky Knees lines-IMG_4588


At one point it became so crowded that they made it one way.

Shaky Knees tunnel overpass-IMG_4590

As we came out, we saw how many people were waiting to go on the other side. People were pretty chill about it. I think the press were given another way to go, so they could get back and forth without any delay.

Shaky Knees walkway-IMG_4591


Funny, not so funny, we crossed over and then realized we were at the wrong stage! It took us awhile to remember which stage was where. Whoops!

But we met these gals, with their individual goth style, on point!


As the sun was setting, we were welcomed with the glow of the city around us. It proved to be the perfect backdrop for our next band, Slowdive.

Sun setting at Shaky Knees-IMG_4608





The Kills

The Kills-IMG_9248 (1)


It was cool to see a few more women led bands at this year’s Shaky Knees. Today, we saw Wolf Alice, Savages, and The Kills. The Kills totally blew us away with their powerful performance and rockin’ tunes.

The Kills-IMG_9238


The Kills-IMG_9210


The 1975

The 1975-IMG_9255

The 1975-IMG_9265

My apologies for the hazy photos, people waited and waited to see them, so the chances of a close up photo was an impossibility! I honestly didn’t want to leave The Kills until the very last song, which put me at a total disadvantage.


Jane’s Addiction

Jane's Addiction-IMG_9289

Jane's Addiction-IMG_9294


What a beautiful day and a pretty cool variety of music. Day One and done!

Shaky Knees Sign-IMG_9283

Stay tuned for Day 2!