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I woke up slowly to a sunshiney Saturday that had all of the feels of a relaxed Sunday. The only difference was there was no time for a lazy brunch with Bloodies or Mimosas. There was nothing lazy about this last day of Savannah Stopover. I wanted to be ahead of the schedule and yes, I made a point to see the early bands that deserved some serious love.

With a bit of time, I was able to poke my head into a few shops. At  Midge (full of amazing women’s clothing) I found the softest top and totally get this saying!


I also stumbled upon a vintage shop that had so much to see and giggle over. You never know when you might want a scary mouse, house decoration…


Seriously hoping we won’t ever need this…

IMG_8334 2.jpg

Time for the bands to begin!



First up, a surprisingly talented band, full of energy and power. Remember their name…Best Behavior

Best Behavior at El-Rocko






Had a great chat with Jon Mann, a guitarist for Best Behavior. I was crazily struck by the joy and passion of this band member. His words tumbled quickly to discuss music and his personal experiences in sharing music through writing, performing, and even creating podcasts.  I wish I could remember every detail. Best Behavior should stay the course because they are on the verge of something big, I feel it.







A fun way to end a power packed set!




Rock on friends!

When one band plays at Stopover, another waits in the wings. if you are a big fan it is something to behold, providing an easy chance to chat or give a thumbs up of support.

Here, The Britanys are relaxing and doing pre-show gathering rituals.




The Britanys-El-Rocko Lounge






Evidence they were totally rocking us out!




We quickly headed over to Trinity United Methodist Church to hear a local Savannah band.

We cut through a beautiful park.


When we arrived at Trinity, I appreciated the warm greeting on the church marquee.

IMG_8345 2


The night before, I bumped into a guy from Savannah. We chatted and lo and behold it turned out he was the guitarist for LuLu The Giant. Rachael Shaner, the lead singer and bassist, has vocal talent which shines brightly in this unusual trio. Their sound is unique and pleasing with a stand up bass, drums, and a psychedelic/jazzy guitar. Alex Bazemore (my new friend) promised my favorite song, “Drown” was on the setlist. They didn’t disappoint.

Lulu The Giant-Trinity United Methodist Church








Thank goodness Trinity was within a couple of blocks to El Rocko Lounge. It was a dart back and forth most of the day into the evening. I had my heart set on seeing Charly Bliss. She is one rockin’ gal that has a busy, jumping, power punching show!

Charly Bliss-El Rocko Lounge













Jammin’ and slammin’ the set!


Between her manic guitar strumming, and the pounding drum beat, the crowd grew in size and the mood was cranked!

After her set, it was time for another dart back to Trinity and a quieter more ‘sooth your soul’ sound. From playing on the streets of Boston, I imagine this gig with its lovely sound, seemed like a nice trajectory for Tall Heights.  I am a new fan, for sure.

Tall Heights-Trinity United Methodist Church 








In between songs, they had a witty banter that kept us all intrigued and gave additional solid evidence of their thoughtful lyrics and musical depth.

The last day of Stopover was only beginning, and I felt like a lucky voyeur into a world of the incredible. Stopover is a satisfying musical meal of varying tastes and genres which wholeheartedly garnish an expression of happiness and appreciation from all.

Hunger began to call me. I had a skinny moment to replenish and prepare for the amazing talent yet to come.

Unfortunately the city was packed with Saturday night visitors, diners, and pre-St. Patty’s Day drinkers. Every establishment had an hour waitlist and a busy bar crowd. Frustrated, I was almost ready to forego my meal, until I walked into a cool underground establishment, Alligator Soul.


Stellar service and the best mussels I have had in awhile!

I made it back to Trinity in just enough time to see the last song of Christopher Paul Stelling. Not exactly on my radar, but the crowd was wild in support and singing along. I was sad to have missed him, but captured a quick ending shot.

Christopher Paul Stelling-Trinity United Methodist Church


In my mind, I was just pleased as punch that I made it in enough time to see Julien Baker. She has been a favorite of mine for the past year or so. I have seen her in concert before, but in a church with amazing acoustics and sound…I knew it was going to be special and it was, without a doubt.


Until the first strum of her guitar, there wasn’t a sound throughout the large crowded church. I noted that occasionally someone might shift in their pew, creating a subtle quiet squeak, but overall, her voice and her guitar were waited on with baited breath. With her open diary kind of songwriting, it strikes me as obviously pertinent that she would sing almost every song with her eyes closed in a thoughtful, pensive delivery.





A gigantic thank you to my new friend Oliver (boomingmusicscene) for video-taping her newest song. It is quiet and soft, but please stick with it, because of its raw humanity and the wide open exposure of her vulnerability. Watery eye worthy (which happened to me and others near me) . BEAUTIFUL!

I am excited about and am anticipating more of her creative work. I feel like this was a once in a life time opportunity to see her in this beautiful venue with such an intimate appreciative crowd. She is so young and I will always gage her career beside this exquisite moment that Savannah Stopover provided.

Back to the real world and off to hear some power rock with Rude Dude And The Creek Freaks.

Rude Dude And The Creek Freaks-The Jinx






Lewis Del Mar-Ships Of The Sea





What a fun performance!


Saturday was truly packed with talent, and I was chomping at the bit to see Tim Darcy of Ought share songs from his new solo album. Although very different from the punk sound of Ought, it was serendipitous for him to perform Saturday Night on this perfect Saturday night in Savannah. Known for his clever way with words, I was expecting more of the same and was pleasantly surprised with his story like songs packed with wit, poetry, and questioning ideas. Deep and clearly distinctive in his own personal way, he gradually won over the audience which was not quite sure what to expect.

Tim Darcy-Wild Wing






Joyously, I purchased a tee and button for my collection and found myself in a conversation with Darcy after the show. We discussed the band, Ought, and his new solo material (yes I did a bit of fan gushing). He shared his musical influences and the fact that he never stops loving and listening to Neutral Milk Hotel, but has taken up listening to Majical Cloudz as of late. So, I have been listening to Majical Cloudz with a new found appreciation.


Ron Gallo-El-Rocko Lounge










What an incredible show! Rock and Roll is alive and kicking with this new guitar driven band on the scene. A jumping Jack flash lead singer, he was difficult to capture, but I made my best effort, all while savoring my own view of the show, minus a camera stuck to my eye.

Catch him in concert. He was one of my surprise favorites of the weekend.

Ron is dripping with cool, but I also noticed this hip blond watching the show. Then afterwards, I found out they were together and it kinda blew my mind. So perfect!



After a ‘must see’ report from Tim Darcy , I made a point to see Weaves. So, we stayed put at El-Rocko for the last show of the evening. I can say it was the perfect exclamation point ending to a festival clearly giving support to a bourgeoning music scene.

Weaves-El-Rocko Lounge

You know when you see these shoes, it is gonna be good!










Here’s when the dance party began! Because of course, that is the best ending!



I don’t remember what song I heard these lyrics from this weekend, but they stuck with me. Thought I would share them with you all…

“There’s a world, if you believe, and you breathe down deep…” 

I am so lucky I get to experience music, breathe down deep, and share it with you all!

Until next year, Savannah!













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