Lontalius-All I Wanna Say



They happen every day with the rising of the sun, a warm cup of coffee at the flip of a switch, and even the simple joyous wag of a dog’s tail. So many wonders happen throughout the world we may not even be aware of…

It is a mystery, a phenomena of intrigue, and I am begging the universe for one.


No not for me, but for an adored loved one who continues to get bad news. In just a week’s time, a health scare has become a crashing nightmare world of prodding doctors and mind-blowing information hurled at them like multiple fastball pitches.

One day laughing and celebrating life, and the next, fighting for it.

So please, we need a miracle and some quiet relief.

Lontalius-All I Wanna Say

“..Cause all I have to offer is my love
It’s not enough… “

I have been listening to Lontalius since last spring.

courtesy of Partisan Records

Lontalius is Wellington, New Zealand teenager, Eddie Johnston. His music is movingly beautiful and bittersweet. Known for his incredible covers of artists like Drake, Beyoncé, and Pharrell, he is making a name for his original music since the release of his debut album, “I’ll Forget 17”. The album is chock full of songs that are emotionally charged where his innermost thoughts are exposed and vulnerable. It is like a personal diary revealed in music. He successfully combines electronic, shoegaze and indie rock and emphasizes each track with his soft spoken voice which whispers his reflective questions, thoughts, and feelings.

“All I Wanna Say” is truly all I want to say today. It speaks of the inability to really change or fix a situation or someone else and expresses a helplessness that we all feel at one time or another.

A simple sentiment, but a very complicated condition.

Relatable, whether you are seventeen or not.

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