Kainalu-Love Nebula

Not only is this song woozy and chill, it has electro-funk elements worthy of moving your dancing self.

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Mood Monday

I want to tune out the world.

I am quietly boycotting the vile ugliness on social media, and so tired of the divisive news on constant loop. Today, I gathered with old and new friends to discuss deeper things, beliefs, worries, and deep spiritual thoughts. It was a healing moment for me filled with peace and understanding, in direct contrast with what I see happening around the world today. I was reminded there are more important things to focus on.

I want to escape.

Here is a beauty of a song, ready to lead the charge.

If you are a fan of Toro Y Moi, Tame Impala, or Washed Out, you will appreciate Kainalu. Not only is this song woozy and chill, it has electro-funk elements worthy of moving your dancing self.

Kainalu-Love Nebula 



Kainalu is the solo project of Trent Prall, a multi-instrumentalist out of Madison Wisconsin. Trent’s music draws from psych rock, dance, and tropical environments to form a genre he dubbed “Hawaii-Fi” in celebration of  his Hawaiian roots. His mother’s side of the family is Hawaiian, and as a child he spent most of his summers with relatives in Honolulu. “Love Nebula”, is full of hazy hushed vocals, layered instruments, and electronic flourishes.

“By utilizing vintage analog synths and a 70s tape machine, the track was born. The strong bass line was Kainalu’s initial idea, and from there sparked the other various layers of melodies and beats. The playfulness of the instruments mirrors the lyrics, as they’re about being childish in a way, “sort of the feeling of wanting to be wanted by someone” says Kainalu.”

“Love Nebula” brings me a last summer song hurrah, before the dank cold of fall officially sets in. I can escape in it’s sparkling sonic beauty with eyes closed and tune out any world negativity or discord. Just listen and become totally immersed in the chillness of the song. Perhaps, like me, you might emerge with a fresh new, positive perspective.

Yep, you guessed it, this tune will be on repeat for me and worth every listen!



Superorganism-Something For Your M.I.N.D.

In the weird times we live in, I am in need of music that is fun, light, and makes me smile. Superorganism nails it!

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Mood Monday


I am obsessed with this band, Superorganism.

Just watch and listen…

Superorganism-Something For Your M.I.N.D.

“Something For Your M.I.N.D.” begins with a solid drum beat, tweeting birds, hooting owls and multiple electronic and instrumental effects. When the vocals begin and you think it will fall into normalcy, it continues to oddly twist and turn with curious lyrics, multiple voices, and gloriously ends with a masterful spell out of the word, mind. It is so playful and fun that I just can’t get enough of it.


Superorganism is a newly formed band hailing from all over the planet, but they all now live together in London.

Their music formed out of sending a demo track to a Japanese student studying in a high school in Maine, known only as Orono. She wrote and recorded the vocal part and their first song was born. After graduating from high school, Orono convinced her parents that she should delay college and move to London to pursue this musical project. Even though the original version was uploaded to the internet last February, it sparked a multitude of questions around who put it out there and what was next. Mysterious roots and an unconventional sound created a fire storm of inquiries, speculations, and shares. Frank Ocean even shared the song on his show.

Orono explains,

“Something For Your M.I.N.D.” was created purely online,” says Orono of the track. “My buddies in London sent me the demo on Facebook, then I wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals on Garageband via my Macbook microphone in about an hour or two…then it was pretty much done! We just had to add a couple of key missing ingredients to the mix: some sweet backing vocals, sick artwork, Tucan’s magical touch to make the track sound even more dope, and chemical X. We’re more than excited to bring this song back to life (officially) and to let it, once again, fluoresce on the dark corners of the Internet.”

The buzz was back in Feb, but they have just recently re-released it. In a recent interview, the band admitted other songs are almost completed and an album should follow soon. They are appearing live for the first time at the end of September with several dates abroad and only one in the USA, Brooklyn. I am expecting them to blow up.

Just you wait…

The band has a style which is off the charts different, catchy, humorous, and quirky but charming. Perhaps the root of their creativity stems in the fact there are so many people contributing to it. There is just something about their electronic collage that hooks me completely.

How about you? If so, you should also listen to their two other releases, but especially… “It’s All Good” .

In these weird times we live in, I am in desperate need of something fun and light to listen to that makes me smile, and Superorganism nails it!

Anima!-Moving Mountains

There is more to life than work. Listen to a tune which will make you smile.


Photographer: Nicole Tomaselli

Mood Monday.

Music to fit my mood.

The first time I heard this tune (a couple days ago), I immediately took notice. There is something so happy and uplifting about the lilting vocals and funky beat. If you are a fan of Sylvan Esso or Tune-yards, you have reason to celebrate! From both South Africa and California, Arielle & Vicente create cool alternative electronic music.

It makes me smile.

ANIMA!- Moving Mountains

“Hey hit that switch turn you heart in, to make a motion
Take part in the mass tradition oh
Blink when you wake, ‘til your head falls to your conclusion
Money comes before the movement oh

The people get sick and stressed out
People who keep their heads down
We don’t have any time to live

The world won’t keep its own rotation
We make up the whole foundation
They tell us we’re getting what we give

Every day a mountain we were moving, tell me what is it for
Inch after inch, ‘til we just can’t climb any more
Losing all the love between the lines dividing rich and the poor
Are we working to live, are we living to work more more more more more more

Look straight ahead with a smile on to show your patience
Climbing up the ladder like you’re told
Love what you do, if you don’t, take a disposition
Follow through with blind ambition for

The future it’s looking sweet
The future is all we need
Cause sooner or later we’ll be pleased
Not right now I’m way too busy
Counting down, the days go quickly
Stick around, get down with the diseased

Every day a mountain we were moving, tell me what is it for
Inch after inch, ‘til we just can’t climb any more
Losing all the love between the lines dividing rich and the poor
Are we working to live, are we living to work more more more more more more”

As this song points out, there is more to life than work. A long holiday is approaching, and I hope to find the time to relax and enjoy it with family and friends. I hope you will too!

May you all find a bit of

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.18.02 AM.png


Overcoats-Nighttime Hunger

Overcoats’ song has minimal instrumental distraction and flourishes in soft, lovely harmonies.


Mood Monday

Today, my mood is all over the place. My mood has changed so dramatically from the moment I woke up this morning to now, when my Monday has officially come and gone.

I have this new, totally weird pattern of waking at 4am. I don’t get it and force myself to rest my eyes until I fall back asleep. It is so odd and leaves me so drained the next day. I have started staying up later, thinking that will make me sleep deeper. But, I still seem to stir at the 4 am hour. It really doesn’t seem to matter what I do to try and change it.

Curiosity about this unwanted pattern had me falling down the digital hole of Google. Through the search feed, I found a wild amount of articles on Chinese Medicine and the connection of waking, with your Meridian Clock and different organs in the body. For me, a 4am wake up is connected with my lungs and suggests I may be experiencing grief, sadness, or loss. Perhaps, I should pay closer attention and take better care of my mental health, and my internal spirit.

I could use a bit more happiness right now. Life can be difficult at times, and it makes it even harder when loved ones are grappling with more than any human should ever have to endure.

Because my mood is a bit off today, I have spent hours listening to all kinds of music.  I was feeling unsatisfied with the music choices and my moods as they continued to change.

Well, until I came upon this track.

This song reminds me of the electronic loops, and lovely vocals of Sylvan Esso. Fresh and beat driven, the ‘folktronic’ sound of Overcoats won me over today.

Overcoats-Nighttime Hunger

“Nighttime hunger it’s at me like
I’m supposed to be alone
Wish that he could fill me up
So that I could feel whole
Now there is something keeping me from falling asleep
Then each morning pulls me from the deep…”


Photo Credit: Dusdin Condren

Overcoats are a New York based duo, Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. They met at Wesleyan University and forged a deep friendship and musical connection. Each of their songs has minimal instrumental distraction and flourishes in soft, lovely harmonies. As explained on their website,

“More than just a band, Overcoats is a friendship, an artistic duo whose songwriting is musical empathy that verges on telepathy. The two have a clear vision of the sound they want to make together – they operate under one creative impulse. Their name comes from the strength they find in making music together. Like an overcoat, Hana and JJ’s music is as much about the armor they create for themselves through their art as it is about the vulnerability beneath.”

With their newest tune “Nighttime Hunger”, there is a promise of new material and an upcoming album release. Hurray! I have played their last EP, on constant repeat and I need some new material for my ears. Similar to their other songs, “Nighttime Hunger” hints at relationship. But, with further clarification in a recent interview, they explained that it really is about your relationship with yourself instead of with another person. It expresses a vulnerability and connects it with that middle of the night emptiness.

Perhaps tonight as I fall asleep, I can focus on my many blessings and joyous moments over the course of my day. I am thankful for friendship and family connections, my puppy that wags her tail when I walk in the room, a cool evening on my porch writing about the music I love, and maybe I can even add, the happy possibility someone out there might like the music I share!

Good night, y’all


sir Was-A Minor Life

A Minor Life begins with looping bagpipes, a lovely Tame Impala-esque vocal, and then progresses to driving beats and recorder whistles swirled in electronica.

Moody Monday

I am in a ‘block out the world’ mood. Today, I relish the lovely idea of being a turtle and find comfort in hiding within a strong hard shell. Life hurts sometimes, words hurt sometimes, and lack of communication can also be painful. So thus…..I want to sort it all out in my head and be alone for awhile.


When I feel this way, music gets me through and this has recently become my song on repeat.

sir Was-A Minor Life


“Stayed behind these walls

too long

Kept my life on hold

too long

Dreaming of

all I was not

Slowly waking up

I guess

Sunshine or rain

happy in pain

It’s good enough”




My soothing find, sir Was is a source of genuine intrigue. I am amazed at the intricate production of the combined sounds and instrumentation. “A Minor Life” is a swirling surround sound that begins with looping bagpipes, a lovely Tame Impala-esque vocal, and then progresses to driving beats and  recorder whistles. It is a hazy, mysterious, and enveloping creation of a song.

The artist sir Was is also known as Joel Wästberg. He began as a jazz saxophonist and this led him to study in Gothenburg, Sweden while also providing him the opportunity to travel to South Africa. Studying in South Africa and traveling throughout the area, he began to focus on drums and the unique beats of the region. An unusual musical background is bound to produce an uncommon sound.

I found a lovely, accurate description of  sir Was from his label City Slang Records,

“Demonstrating a seemingly effortless marriage of organic instrumentation, synthetic sounds and head-bobbing beats, he shows himself as a master of balance. Perfectly weighted songs merge graceful melody and deep beats with his unique production style. The end result is beautifully emotive, atmospheric tracks eschewing genre classification.

Simply put, whilst some artists strive to push boundaries, sir Was seems blissfully unaware of them in the first place.”

His debut EP, Says Hi, has been out since June. I highly recommend you give it a listen if you are interested in the unique and creative. Each song has surprises and delves into a sort of unknown musical territory.

All I know is with my headphones on, and the music cranked up, I am in a happy cocoon of a space. Maybe it’s only for a little while, but for now….

Music turned on, world tuned out.


Mood Monday-Mai Lan-Technique

Mai Lan, collaborator with M83 on their latest album, combines absurdity and reality in this witty electronic, dance tune.

Only a week ago, we were chilling and relaxing on holiday. So, maybe today is a bit of a harsh reality? My mood, which woke up bummed, quickly changed after finding the perfect mood enhancing solution.  What could be more Monday blues attacking than a totally dope dance tune? It’s all about technique!

Mai Lan-Technique


Mai Lan is the singer, songwriter from Paris who collaborated with M83 on their latest album, Junk. The most popular tune, “Go”, features her lovely voice. A costume designer by trade, she has a clothing brand she created with a friend, BezemyMailan. Luckily for us, she is delving into her musical side lately. Mai Lan combines absurdity and  reality, along with music and entertainment in her latest electronic track “Technique”.




In an interview, she discusses the creation of the song, “Technique”

This song came to life after a running joke we used to make with Max when we were recording the album in New York. Every time we’d do something “technical’ (it was most of the time stupid stuff) we’d snap and say proudly ‘technique’.

“This gave me the idea to make a whole song about how to do things just like the tutorial videos everybody does .

I chose words that had a strong sound and really made sense, It was a whole different way to write this song as there was no need to find rhymes but just make the words hit together. The track never stops building up, getting more and more technical. Everything gets technical, even losing control is under control. 

Then at some point you need to calm down, take a break and moisturize. Technically.”

As if  listening wasn’t enough, there is a perfectly choreographed video to check out, as well. Go to  Mai Lan’s Facebook page and watch. One day, I hope to have a chance to attempt some of those dance moves!

Happy Monday y’all! Don’t forget to moisturize! Ha Ha Ha!


Nearly Oratorio-Occlude

“Occlude” is a song of sweet sadness, pocketed with impressive healing possibilities and woven with a hypnotic, mantra of repeated sounds emphasized by soft drum percussion.

Things happen for a reason.

You hear it all the time.  You half-way believe it until something hard happens to you.  The loss of a plan or a dream is a very large pill to swallow.  Life can’t be all rosy and shiny.  It would be incredibly boring, but I have become weary of the twists and turns which rear their ugly heads in my life.

You know the saying, you come to a fork in the road….which path are you going to take?  For some reason, my life has been full of the long, twisty difficult roads, which surprisingly become unforgiving dead ends.  My philosophy has alway been to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again (I can hear my mother singing that in my ear).  Before I do that again, I think I will take a moment to mourn what could have been.

As my eyes fill with rude watery vision interrupters, I realize I haven’t allowed myself the permission to hurt a bit.

Dreams, wishes, hopes.

What would life be without them?  As the hours turn to days, months, and years, I am acutely aware of the speed of their passing.  What should I do with the time I have?

I harbor significant plans, but feel tired of the road blocks which keep popping up in my way.  Bet you are thinking, “Stop your silly whining!”

Don’t get me wrong, I have exponential blessings to count.  I make every effort to focus on them and push aside the fears and worries of not having ‘enough’ love, friends, food on the table or safety nets in case the worst happens.  There are many in the world that would trade places with me in a heartbeat, but this shouldn’t discount my own personal disappointments.

In my church, they have what they call, rally day.  Today is a makeshift rally day for me.  After I take a moment to recognize my weary inner sadness due to outside unforeseeable circumstances, I hope to begin again.  I will turn over a new leaf, turn from distraction, and focus on the people in my life who give me sincere love and support.

Music makes my personal rally day possible.  Melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics is my solace, my joy, my life blood.  Because, no matter who we are closest to, we are all ultimately alone.  No one could ever know our deepest thoughts, desires, and fears.  Somehow, I find an intertwined connection with artists who create music.  I seek similar stories and shared feelings when I listen to their works of art, as I interpret each song personally.  It may not be accurate or what the composer intended, but it speaks to me in a unique way and I feel compelled to share the voice of my own understanding.

Music is a profound form of communication that has been around since the beginning of time.  I trust its arrival into my heart and my head, and know it is a gift in my life.

Today, in my personal fragmentation, I need to find an innovative, original, and cutting-edge song.  I need a song of sweet sadness, pocketed with impressive healing possibilities. As I write this stream of consciousness, I contemplate my screened-in porch view. I see a glorious blue sky, soft gentle breezes dancing in the trees, birds spiritedly singing, and my adorable pup snuggles beside me in a peaceful mid-morning nap.

The world is a remarkable place. Despite my inner turmoil, I see its profound heart wrenching beauty.

Yes, I have found my song, as I will find my new path, and the sun will set and rise again, reminding me to move ahead with heart and conviction on another uncharted route.

Nearly Oratorio-Occlude

“Occlude” means to close, shut in, out, or off.

As I listen, I close my eyes and experience  in my mind, the streaming dots and dashes of roadway stripes quickly passing under my car. I feel the wind in my hair, and sink happily into a gentle motion of peacefulness. Occlude” is a hypnotic, mantra of repeated sounds emphasized with a soft drum percussion. It is a song about closing or shutting off and yet I  crane my ears for a definitive beginning of new, in the combination of sounds and vocals.

Nearly Oratorio clearly has my attention. The thoughtful name has me curious. Oratorio means a large-scale musical work for orchestra and voices, typically a narrative on a religious theme, performed without the use of costumes, scenery, or action.

What a huge, over the top, undertaking with that heavy title. But, what makes this incredibly real is the ‘nearly’ that precedes Oratorio. I am fond of this thoughtfulness, and after hearing the music on repeat for several days, I recognize the contemplative process behind every sound, melody, and vocal.


Simon Lam is a Melbourne artist and is Nearly Oratorio. He is involved in multiple projects, but in an interview for Stereogumhe discusses Nearly Oratorio… 

“the quieter side of me, the part that endlessly (and most of the time needlessly) thinks about things until I forgot what I was thinking about in the first place. And basically just record that.

My whole ethos for this project is to make it like no one is ever going to hear it, which was the case for a long time. Through the different projects and producing for other artists, every bit of music I make is somewhat directed at person or a culture. But for Nearly I just make exactly what I want to hear. I’m pretty aware that notion might result in a lot of people not liking it, but you have to do some things for yourself sometimes you know? It’s completely selfish. I think it’s just lucky that other people can connect with the sound that I want to hear, so I figure its nice to release it for those people. 

If you are like me, we place our own ideas on a song. “Occlude” is a perfect example of a beautiful song which has indistinguishable lyrics and a musical ethereal ambiguity.  It is prime for outside interpretation. I love the free fall of deciphering a song any way my heart feels at the moment.

No matter where your heart rests, I highly recommend you listening to the entire EP, Tin. If you are an adventurous listener, you will appreciate the depths of sound and electronic experimentation.

As for me and my journey of ups and downs, I am reminded of a quote that brings me peace and a bit of understanding along with the crazy good music I listen to and share…

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path; and that will make all the difference.”

-Steve Jobs


Polyenso-Not My Real Life

I am in the process of changing my thinking, and this tune has a life force that helps me clear my head and listen to my heart.

Mood Monday

funny-ocd-pictures-street-arrow (1).jpg


I am imperfect.

I am learning to accept it.

My whole life, I have been actively pursuing perfection. I am tired. Perfection is an impossibility and causes inner frustration that spills over into places in my life that are beautiful and joyous. I am a people pleaser and it is not pleasing me anymore.

I am in the process of changing my thinking. I am unraveling and feeling a desperate pull to embrace who I am and let go of who I think I am “supposed” to be. It will take some time. Perhaps even a lifetime.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go and do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman

This quote warms my heart and fires my belly to move forward in my thinking. I’m looking to the road ahead and occasionally glancing side to side, but making a point to limit the time I focus on the images in my rear view mirror.

I am hoping to find my real life….with all of my imperfections and faults. Because despite the extra pounds I have gained from soothing my broken wrist, I recognize that it is really my heart that needs soothing and healing. I will take another step and another step and move closer to living life with my whole heart and listen carefully to my soul.

“There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls.”    ~Howard Thurman

With each step, I must recognize my effort is enough.

Polyenso-Not My Real Life

Say hi and smile

There isn’t anything else to see

Too bad, so sad

To lose control eternally

Stay high and I could blow away with all the leaves

So when I feel that I’m falling asleep

No need to think I’m afraid of my dreams

And I was suffering badly from the ugliness

had me attached to the world that I see,

and I was feeling unbalanced and emotionless,

standing naked, and shaking, and weak

This is a statement to all that I live and repress

As if this life is as fake as it seems

I see the sun start to fall and I lose my finesse

I’m escaping reality

Its not my real life…”

Polyenso by James Lano

Authenticity isn’t a problem for the band Polyenso. Their music is creative and uniquely beautiful. I was given a link to their new album, Pure in the Plastic, and I have been playing it over and over all day. It is soothing and yet with each song, I can feel the pulse and life force of an indescribable power. I had a devil of a time choosing my favorite song. But I came back again and again to “Not My Real Life”, because of my own personal introspection.

“Not My Real Life” begins with an earful of sounds, a needle hitting a record, a xylophone, saxophone, and then the powerful drums arrive. All become hushed when the warm vocals enter, but sonic surprises come in unexpectedly throughout the track and keep the pace of the tune upbeat.

Alex Schultz, Brennan Taulbee, and Denny Agosto of St. Petersburg, Florida, spent the past two years working extensively with producer Jason Pennock. Through their creative work, they honed their own flavor of indie-rock to include elements of hip-hop, neo-soul, and experimental electronics.

They will be playing at Shaky Knees Festival in May, maybe you will take a moment to replay the song or download the album. Be aware, wonder and curiosity will pour into your earbuds and you will want to listen over and over again!


A spectacular spring day calls for sparkly shimmering music.

Cherry Blossoms IMG_8297 (1)

Mood Monday


Today was pretty spectacular…for a Monday. The sun was shining and the flowering trees were proudly displaying their blooms. The beauty of a day effects my mood exponentially, and I found myself searching for a soundtrack.

Going through all of my music, I longed to hear a sparkly sonic pleasure of a tune. Bayonne’s “Spectrolite” fit my mood perfectly.




Bayonne, aka Roger Sellers, has just re-released his debut LP, Primitives from which the track “Spectrolite” appears. As Roger Sellers, he was commonly mistaken as a DJ. Roger Sellers is NOT a DJ, he is an architect of sound and song. As Bayonne, he builds his music on drumbeats, loops, and densely layered electronics, and then, as you begin to capture the repetitive sounds, he subtly introduces his airy vocals. Sellers explains the song “Spectrolite”,

“It was about a stone that my girlfriend at the time had brought me back from Australia, a spectrolite stone. We had some things happen between us during that time, so that stone meant a lot to me. I had it with me the entire time I made the record. It’ s a song about forgiveness, and keeping those people who matter most to you close around you, and caring for those that you love.”

It is electronic pop at its best. From what I read online about him, his live shows are something to behold. An Austin native, he has a long list of places to perform, one may be near you (check them out). Oddly enough, he skips Atlanta. I am hoping he might reconsider and add it on.

Bayonne‘s shimmering, soothing combinations of sounds and intricate melodies are totally infectious. You absorb the songs deeply and you can’t help but lose yourself and move to the music.