Kainalu-Love Nebula

Mood Monday

I want to tune out the world.

I am quietly boycotting the vile ugliness on social media, and so tired of the divisive news on constant loop. Today, I gathered with old and new friends to discuss deeper things, beliefs, worries, and deep spiritual thoughts. It was a healing moment for me filled with peace and understanding, in direct contrast with what I see happening around the world today. I was reminded there are more important things to focus on.

I want to escape.

Here is a beauty of a song, ready to lead the charge.

If you are a fan of Toro Y Moi, Tame Impala, or Washed Out, you will appreciate Kainalu. Not only is this song woozy and chill, it has electro-funk elements worthy of moving your dancing self.

Kainalu-Love Nebula 



Kainalu is the solo project of Trent Prall, a multi-instrumentalist out of Madison Wisconsin. Trent’s music draws from psych rock, dance, and tropical environments to form a genre he dubbed “Hawaii-Fi” in celebration of  his Hawaiian roots. His mother’s side of the family is Hawaiian, and as a child he spent most of his summers with relatives in Honolulu. “Love Nebula”, is full of hazy hushed vocals, layered instruments, and electronic flourishes.

“By utilizing vintage analog synths and a 70s tape machine, the track was born. The strong bass line was Kainalu’s initial idea, and from there sparked the other various layers of melodies and beats. The playfulness of the instruments mirrors the lyrics, as they’re about being childish in a way, “sort of the feeling of wanting to be wanted by someone” says Kainalu.”

“Love Nebula” brings me a last summer song hurrah, before the dank cold of fall officially sets in. I can escape in it’s sparkling sonic beauty with eyes closed and tune out any world negativity or discord. Just listen and become totally immersed in the chillness of the song. Perhaps, like me, you might emerge with a fresh new, positive perspective.

Yep, you guessed it, this tune will be on repeat for me and worth every listen!



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