Mood Monday-Mai Lan-Technique

Only a week ago, we were chilling and relaxing on holiday. So, maybe today is a bit of a harsh reality? My mood, which woke up bummed, quickly changed after finding the perfect mood enhancing solution.  What could be more Monday blues attacking than a totally dope dance tune? It’s all about technique!

Mai Lan-Technique


Mai Lan is the singer, songwriter from Paris who collaborated with M83 on their latest album, Junk. The most popular tune, “Go”, features her lovely voice. A costume designer by trade, she has a clothing brand she created with a friend, BezemyMailan. Luckily for us, she is delving into her musical side lately. Mai Lan combines absurdity and  reality, along with music and entertainment in her latest electronic track “Technique”.




In an interview, she discusses the creation of the song, “Technique”

This song came to life after a running joke we used to make with Max when we were recording the album in New York. Every time we’d do something “technical’ (it was most of the time stupid stuff) we’d snap and say proudly ‘technique’.

“This gave me the idea to make a whole song about how to do things just like the tutorial videos everybody does .

I chose words that had a strong sound and really made sense, It was a whole different way to write this song as there was no need to find rhymes but just make the words hit together. The track never stops building up, getting more and more technical. Everything gets technical, even losing control is under control. 

Then at some point you need to calm down, take a break and moisturize. Technically.”

As if  listening wasn’t enough, there is a perfectly choreographed video to check out, as well. Go to  Mai Lan’s Facebook page and watch. One day, I hope to have a chance to attempt some of those dance moves!

Happy Monday y’all! Don’t forget to moisturize! Ha Ha Ha!


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