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Mood Monday


Today was pretty spectacular…for a Monday. The sun was shining and the flowering trees were proudly displaying their blooms. The beauty of a day effects my mood exponentially, and I found myself searching for a soundtrack.

Going through all of my music, I longed to hear a sparkly sonic pleasure of a tune. Bayonne’s “Spectrolite” fit my mood perfectly.




Bayonne, aka Roger Sellers, has just re-released his debut LP, Primitives from which the track “Spectrolite” appears. As Roger Sellers, he was commonly mistaken as a DJ. Roger Sellers is NOT a DJ, he is an architect of sound and song. As Bayonne, he builds his music on drumbeats, loops, and densely layered electronics, and then, as you begin to capture the repetitive sounds, he subtly introduces his airy vocals. Sellers explains the song “Spectrolite”,

“It was about a stone that my girlfriend at the time had brought me back from Australia, a spectrolite stone. We had some things happen between us during that time, so that stone meant a lot to me. I had it with me the entire time I made the record. It’ s a song about forgiveness, and keeping those people who matter most to you close around you, and caring for those that you love.”

It is electronic pop at its best. From what I read online about him, his live shows are something to behold. An Austin native, he has a long list of places to perform, one may be near you (check them out). Oddly enough, he skips Atlanta. I am hoping he might reconsider and add it on.

Bayonne‘s shimmering, soothing combinations of sounds and intricate melodies are totally infectious. You absorb the songs deeply and you can’t help but lose yourself and move to the music.

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