Hop Along-Prior Things

With frenetic strings and lush arrangements, Quinlan’s edgy soulful voice makes the song delicious and a feast for your ears


Chris Leamy-Hold Ground

Hold Ground is an anthemic, pounding of resilience worthy of cranking up the volume to full blast.

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Cape Francis-Iditarod

A folk-driven ballad where Henthorn’s voice cries out alongside haunting back vocals, a piano, and a simple drum beat.

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What’s not to love with the snap of jarring lyrics, rollicking and rolling melody, and the infused powerful harmonica?

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Zack Villere-Cool

Being insecure, and worrying about your cool factor are feelings we all go through from time to time. Zack captures this perfectly in a tune.

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The Japanese House-Saw You In A Dream

Despite the woeful lyrics, the music has a hopeful spirit determined by her lush indie pop sound and distinctive voice with subtle digital effects.