Waxahatchee-Light of a Clear Blue Morning

Sometimes a remake of a classic song can spark a new generation to listen and appreciate its worthiness in the world. This is truly the case of a 1977 Dolly Parton original that has been replayed and reinvented for the latest Waxahatchee album, Saint Cloud +3, “Light of a Clear Blue Morning.”

Today, as I face the results of a tragic surgery for a basal cell cancer on my cheek, I needed this reminder that my worthiness and my power rests within me…. not in my appearance or any superficial friends that don’t accept me for me. I am still the crazy girl of my youth, the party thinker-upper, concert front row dancer, and the gal that can also sit in a corner having deep conversations with strangers that express an openness to thought and some mind bending ideas.

I am just a week or so post-op, but I am encouraged by my closest buddies that I have full freedom to stretch my truth and create a new story for my wild facial scar. I am planning a reveal which will morph, depending on my situation or my need to push the boundaries. Forgive me if I fib a bit. Yeah, you should see the other guy!

So on occasion, as I fretted over my new face in the mirror, this beautiful gem of a song popped into my inbox and I am a falling to my knees fan. It was a spiritual message I needed to hear. This lovely rendition is a song that empowers me to stretch beyond the darkness of fear and worry to find hope and internal reconciliation.

Waxahatchee is perfection and Katie Crutchfield’s soulful voice takes center stage to showcase the strength of a well written song which transcends time and place. Dolly Parton wrote this gem when she parted ways with the Porter Wagoner Show. It was a moment of female empowerment and she shares that hope in her poignant yet simple lyrics. Katie Crutchfield just brings it home and into a new era.

I hope you might also listen to find the strength for your own personal story and celebrate this moment, this hour, this day.

“Everything is going to be alright, it’s going to be okay.”

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  1. Hey Carrie, I had a similar surgery a few years ago, between my nose and eye. I can barely see the scar these days. It’s amazing how quickly the face can heal. I’ll be thinking of you! Also, thanks for the song recommendation, it’s great!

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