Brave Baby-Plastic Skateboard and *Repeat Repeat at Vinyl

Some days are better than others. I totally get it. Some people are happy (like Pooh) with every day that arrives. I just know some are honestly better than others. When an extraordinary day happens, the one where everything falls into place and life just seems to shine a warm light on everything you do,…

La Luz-Call Me In The Day

This is a glorious nod to the mod. Mini skirts and go-go boots led the way to bell bottom jeans and long wavy hair. All of these fashions remind me of one of the “coolest” times in history. Whenever I attend a dress up party, this is one of my favorite genres to interpret creatively….

Totoake-Make It Work (Demo)

Twangy guitar, hazy fuzz distortion, and “ooh baby” choruses all remind me that summertime is just around the corner. Yes….finally. The sun will once again shine warmly and soothe the cold frosty memories of a brutally harsh winter. Okay, harsh for Atlanta. I can’t really even complain when compared to the northeast or the midwest….