Mood Monday-The Muscadettes-West Coast Daze


Mood Monday

Is it Spring yet? Or better yet, is Summer going to ever get here?

February is a crazy tease month. It is warm and sunny one day and you are happily outside loving every moment, and then the next day it is a full blown winter day, complete with the need for boots and layers upon layers.

I think the flip flop of weather is harsh and almost unforgivable. So my head is really wishing for the tunes that remind me of warm sunshine and bopping, swingin’ coastal beats.

Here is a band that is out of Montreal, but crazily, there is a California beach vibe that is undeniable. The Muscadettes have a 60’s surf sound with a 90’s rock vibe. Close your eyes with me and dream of those sunny days of love conquered and love lost, when life was easy and your golden tan was trés importante!


The Muscadettes-West Coast Daze



“You shook me, you devil

you left too, you scoundrel

you shook me, you devil

you left me so hopeful”


The Muscadettes are led by twin sisters (yep, identical) Chantal and Kathleen Ambridge, originally from California’s Silicon Valley, but raised in Montreal. Influenced by sixties surf music and 90’s grunge, the girls create an energetic rock, balanced out by sugary vocal harmonies. Their tune “West Coast Daze” is bright and catchy and yet there is a bit of sadness and reality embedded in the lyrics. The album, Side B, was just released last November and although it has been out a while, it is hitting my ears at the most perfect time. I am in serious need for a simple, yet poppy, surf rock tune to lift my spirits and spontaneously sing-a-long with.

With this music in my ears, my mood has dramatically improved. Perhaps the reality of Spring isn’t too far behind.

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