La Luz-Call Me In The Day



This is a glorious nod to the mod.

Mini skirts and go-go boots led the way to bell bottom jeans and long wavy hair. All of these fashions remind me of one of the “coolest” times in history. Whenever I attend a dress up party, this is one of my favorite genres to interpret creatively. Sort of cliche, but the music, the free lifestyle, the open love, and the changing of times all transformed our world as we know it. Women became feminists, blacks revolted hatred, politics crumbled in war battles, and television brought the world closer together and even took viewers to the moon. Wow, when I think about it all, it makes me take a moment. A serious moment. Changing times for sure.

Music was no exception to the changing times. From twangy guitars, Motown, surf rock, rock and roll, folk rock and then on to psychedelic rock, this time period of the 60’s and early 70’s proved to be one of the most wildly changing musical time periods in history. Even though there were vast differences in all of these sounds, they were all inter-connected to one of the largest growing youth populations eager to alter the landscape.

The song, “Call Me In The Day” gives me that cool retro vibe.  Take a last minute ride on a power wave before summer ends and fall begins and listen with me to the perfect surf vibe.

“Call me in the day
Before the sun goes down
If it’s getting late
I won’t pick up the call

Well, you see me only on the need
In the evening, when you’re feeling mean
As a boulder slowly gaining speed on down a hill
In your path, nothing I could do

Well, you see me only on the need
In the evening, breaking at the seams
As a boulder slowly gaining speed on down a hill
In your path, nothing we could do”


La Luz brings back this time period with fervor. A Seattle all female band of four crazy do-wap, velvety voices, surf guitars, a killer retro keyboard, and drum beats worthy of a little hippy-hip shaking…..what’s not to enjoy and love? La Luz is Shana Cleveland – guitar, Marian Li Pino – drums, Alice Sandahl – keyboard, Lena Simon – bass. They are four of the most sultry lovely vocals you can imagine. Ride the time travel train with me and love every minute of it!


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