Brave Baby-Plastic Skateboard and *Repeat Repeat at Vinyl

Some days are better than others.


I totally get it. Some people are happy (like Pooh) with every day that arrives. I just know some are honestly better than others.

When an extraordinary day happens, the one where everything falls into place and life just seems to shine a warm light on everything you do, well that is a day for the record books. Yep, I am describing a day that happened to me recently and I am still, days later, relishing the joy and the happiness from it.

It all started at a fun lunch with a dear sweet gal, oh about 2 years ago. Our restaurant had a cool guy that started chatting with us and before we knew it, we were learning about the music scene in Charleston and the band, Elim Bolt. Do you remember?  I blogged them, back then.

Everything in my life happens in beautiful concentric circles, Ever since that lunch, I have been tuned into this cool boutique label, Hearts and Plugs out of Charleston SC. From viewing their witty promotions and listening to their playlists, I  have listened to and seen some really talented artists.

So when I had an email from Hearts and Plugs about a band touring in Atlanta, I stopped and took notice. Yes, one song in and I was sold to go and see them perform live and learn more about this talented group of guys, Brave Baby.

It was a small crowd at Vinyl in Atlanta. I was excited and I arrived (probably embarrassingly early) with plenty of time to grab a cold one and find my perfect listening spot. As is usually my good fortune, the band before Brave Baby began in full force. *Repeat Repeat, from Nashville, is a kind of throw back surf rock band.



I loved them.

Here is a song, “Not The One”, from their album, Bad Latitude. But, add Kristyn (read on), and it is perfection. It is impossible not to move to the music, I dare you.



After their set, I made an effort to say hey, and the lead singer was super nice, but obviously seriously worried about someone with a high fever. Doing a little research and listening to their CD, I learned the background story (click that, cause you should totally read their experience). Wow, I had no idea at all it was a main singer for their band with a serious kidney infection! They were fun and totally rocked it. So, a giant kudos to the guys of  *Repeat Repeat, Jared and Andy. When you come back to Atlanta, I really wanna hear the whole band. You gave me CD proof and now I know it will be worth the wait!

People began to filter in to Vinyl during their set, and I was feeling joy that these talented bands would have an appreciative audience. My mantra is…make it to the early bands! You will, more times than not, be pleasantly surprised with a sound that impresses you.

Next up on stage was Brave Baby. They are a five piece band and formed in January of 2012 when long time friends and band mates Keon Masters (vocals/guitar), Wolfgang Zimmerman (vocals/drums/producer), and Christian Chidester (guitar/vocals) began playing with Jordan Hicks (bass) and Steven Walker (keys/percussion).

They are talented and put on a great show. When do you ever hear vocals from a lead singer and then hear the talented drummer pick up a similar vibe with his voice as lead? I also have to mention the guitars, the guitars, the guitars.


I tried to take a picture of the entire band. The band moved across the stage playing their instruments, full tilt, and it was almost impossible to catch them all at the same time. Just knowing this little fact, should make you check their tour schedule and go see them live. If you like their sound, you won’t be disappointed. Listen to their latest track, “Plastic Skateboard”,  from their recently released album, Electric Friends.


“travel through my bones like blood and marrow
shrapnel in my thigh from a stardust bow
catch you in the corner of my eye
i could spot you until the end of time
fear is not a fear of mine
and your sympathy destroyed my pride
carving through your streets on a plastic skateboard
it’s awfully hard to speak when you can’t be straight forward
your guardian is no guard of mine
so holster your tongue and stop
it hurts me to be so dry
when all you ever did what try
try to be cool
try to be cool

sever all my ties with a lie and implode
watch me as i glide, look at me go, look at me go
exceptional, perceptual and wise
you were the thunder underneath my skies
it hurts me to be so dry
when i know it never hurts to try
try to be cool
try to be cool”



What makes me admire them even more, is when I learned they have created a space in a storage unit and turned it into an intimate practice spot in the Elliotborough neighborhood of Charleston, SC. I love the ingenuity and am amazed by their pure sound. I know where the storage space is and I hope to visit it soon. They are great guys and so personable and easy to talk to. Maybe it’s the friendly city of Charleston I love so much, which infuses all that charm and talent. Or maybe, it is the growing creative scene which is pulling talented people to its center, like a really strong magnet.

Because I am listening to their album on repeat, here is another tune where I dig the vocals, meaningful lyrics, and the catchy beat, “Atlantean Dreams”. It also showcases their ability to vary their sound beautifully.

“haven’t you all felt like a stranger in a strange place
somewhere off in distant space
maybe you grew up in the heartland
and you can never get a taste of that paradise you long for
someone new some different face
or just predictions in a diary or commitments you could never see

I hope you’ll find someone
you will try someone
all because you want it, all because you need it
all because you never called…”

Talent is talent.

I relish the moments when I find music that thrills all of my senses and I recognize the band’s ability to have a serious  fan following. Brave Baby has a spark that really could ignite to a fierce flame. Listen, and then go on and listen again.

Yep, wouldn’t you agree?

Some days really are better than others.


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