Totoake-Make It Work (Demo)


Twangy guitar, hazy fuzz distortion, and “ooh baby” choruses all remind me that summertime is just around the corner.


The sun will once again shine warmly and soothe the cold frosty memories of a brutally harsh winter. Okay, harsh for Atlanta. I can’t really even complain when compared to the northeast or the midwest. So, if you are anything like me, the return of surf rock brings a little ping of joy in your heart. It reminds me of warmer days, vacation time, and happy memories of playing in the great outdoors once again.

“Make It Work” by Totoake is a new stumble upon find that warms my heart and reminds me of the joy of being out of school, young love, and slow lazy summer days. From Santa Monica, California, Totoake is fairly new on the scene, but pay attention because if you check out his songs on Bandcamp, every song is one to savor in the sunshine. Totoake is the band name for Elisha Kim, a classically-trained guitarist, who successfully changes the classical sound to an electrically atmospheric and sunny surf pop. Enjoy!

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