“Rorschach” is a compelling song which combines Morton’s distinctive vocals and powerful lyrics with soaring instrumentation.

March songs 2014

Listen with me to the Immersed in Cool Music March Playlist. These are all of the songs I featured on IiCM in the month of March. There are some substitute songs, and darn it, I couldn’t find Phox on Spotify! Everything else is there and true to the month. Enjoy.  

I’m Still Floating-Typhoon

The other night was one for the record books. I saw the band Typhoon live, in the flesh, and only three rows away. Their music is such a pleasurable experience through a set of headphones, but live, it completely changes the game. Live, you can experience the intense passion behind their unique sound. This musical…

Bands I would walk 500 miles to see!

“What band would I walk 500 miles to go and see?” The question was asked, and I thought and thought. That seems like a better way to sum up 2013 than all of the lists and lists and lists of favorite songs, albums, and concerts. Are you already tired of them? Who would you want…

Typhoon-Post Script

31 Days of Music Day 6 Sundays are sacred to me. They are days of quiet reflection and goal setting. So on my 31 day challenge, I am going to reserve Sundays to feature songs that may not be on my new submissions lists, but songs that I have on repeat on my personal playlist….