Bands I would walk 500 miles to see!

“What band would I walk 500 miles to go and see?” The question was asked, and I thought and thought. That seems like a better way to sum up 2013 than all of the lists and lists and lists of favorite songs, albums, and concerts. Are you already tired of them?

Who would you want to sacrifice your comfort to see? Okay 500 miles is a lot of steps and maybe too much blood, sweat, and tears. The question is pin me down awful, but it intrigues me. Do any of the songs from 2013 warrant my sacrifice of walking 500 miles to see them in concert? Hmmmm. Well, the answer is heck, yes!

Here’s my list of bands that I wouldn’t miss for anything, miles and miles included! No particular order just as they pop in my head, so perhaps they are the most memorable?

Each band will be followed by a sampling of a favorite tune that I haven’t already posted.


1. Arcade Fire, their music is amazing, but I want to see them  because I also want to dress up in sparkly, crazy attire and have a dance party in the audience…..yes, the dress code isn’t required to attend, but strongly encouraged. I love you, Arcade Fire, for that happy, fun surprise!

2. Typhoon-Why yes, I am the nutty fan that obnoxiously begged them (twitter and facebook) to come to Atlanta. They are actually coming in March and I already have my tickets! Creative musicians with depth and heart, a must see for me.

3. The Avett Brothers- I have been a longtime fan, seriously. They are incredibly talented and quirky and write about their lives and even the emotionally charged, hard stuff. There is poetry in almost every lyric. Just listen and love.

4. James Blake- Mercury prize winner this year. The incredibly sexy music video is also beautiful, so you may want to check it out as well. If he can play Shanghai, China then maybe he will come close to Atlanta in 2014. Please, oh please.

5. Temples- A new band that interests me, right now. They have a trippy throw back sound that reminds me a little of the Beatles and maybe even some Tame Impala. Okay, with those two connects…..what is not to love about them? Their album drops in February 2014 and I can’t wait to hear it all. I think they are a band to watch and hope they travel across the pond to promote their debut album, Sun Structures.

Stay tuned because I have more to share! Enjoy!

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