Typhoon-Post Script

31 Days of Music

Day 6

Sundays are sacred to me. They are days of quiet reflection and goal setting. So on my 31 day challenge, I am going to reserve Sundays to feature songs that may not be on my new submissions lists, but songs that I have on repeat on my personal playlist. The song I want to feature today is  one I can’t stop listening to and it connects deeply to my heart and soul. So far, this is the pinnacle song of the year for me.

I believe Typhoon is the most amazing band to arrive to the music scene of late, but not everybody has heard their music. I want to get it out there. Their music is incredibly complicated and poetic. The lead singer and songwriter, Kyle Morton of Typhoon, has a tangled back story of illness, loss of an unbridled youth, and then joy of being alive and well. That is a very simplified assessment of the many interesting interviews with Kyle . I appreciate the power of his youthful suffering and fear, to create something so amazingly beautiful and timeless.

The band Typhoon, from Oregon and friends from high school, isn’t just Kyle, but it has 12-17 members. You will appreciate the heavenliness of the instruments and sounds when you listen to this song I am featuring, “Post Script”. I am worried that this song won’t give you the full picture of the band because it is a very small part of what I have carefully listened to and love. It is, by far, my favorite, and I am not really sure why. It tugs at a string in my soul that brings tears to my eyes. I really have no words to describe the power the lyrics have over me.

“You don’t have to love me, unconditionally

It won’t be necessary, to love me unconditionally.”

Please don’t stop listening with just this song, because “Young Fathers” and “Lake” and, and, and ….I can name the entire album song list. So I added, “Artificial Light”. Listen, then listen again, and again. Each time you will hear something so deeply complicated and different. It amazes me that one person’s unusual pain and suffering can be so universal in its beauty and connection. Go ahead, if you love it or hate it, tell me so and you can even call me crazy. I would love to discuss.

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