I’m Still Floating-Typhoon


The other night was one for the record books. I saw the band Typhoon live, in the flesh, and only three rows away. Their music is such a pleasurable experience through a set of headphones, but live, it completely changes the game. Live, you can experience the intense passion behind their unique sound.


This musical event was quite emotional for me, and I said so to the lead singer, Kyle Morton, as he was clearing the many instruments from the stage. He explained to me how hearing that, makes all the work worthwhile. I imagine that he says that over and over, but the twinkle in his eye and the humble nature of his conversation left me in awe.

Yes, I feel Typhoon’s music deeply. His personal story is victorious and nothing short of  miraculous. The lyrics, vocals, and the band support with compelling instrumentation tells this story powerfully and complexly.


That is when, Kyle handed me the set list. I was in shock like some silly school girl groupie. Gahhh! I was completely reduced to a puddle in a simple  second, despite the fact that he is just a regular guy. Clearly he is just a guy struggling to make music, tour the country, and get along with all 10 of those band members as the highway stripes pass by. A normal guy brewing a quiet genius in his lyrical thoughts and a strong lead singer to a larger group of perfectly timed, impressive harmonies. Keep them on your radar by liking their Facebook page.

You really must listen, again.

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