Broken Bells-Holding On For Life


Just a couple of years ago, I listened to Broken Bells over and over, LOUD! “The High Road” was my favorite jam. I sensed something familiar (Beatlesque) in the music and yet I adored the fresh new quality to their songs. That’s when I found out that Broken Bells was made up of Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse) and James Mercer of The Shins. Another project and collaboration that worked beautifully. Their new album, After The Disco, is up for release in January 2014 and they have graciously sent out a new track from the album to wet our whistle. Hooray!

“Holding On For Life”, at first listen, has the interesting synth start, but the chorus also somehow reminds me of the high pitched vocals of The BeeGees from that famed late 70’s disco era. Even though I hear that similarity, there is also a sad quality to this song with it’s thoughtful lyrics and interesting change up at 2:33. A mix of sound and style that works.

“What a lovely day to be lonely

Your holding on for life, holding on for life, holding on for life.”

The lyrics make me think of all the people who scrape by, to get by, doing what they can. Fortunately, I can just sit back and listen to the beauty of the song and appreciate it’s statement, as I interpret it. Can’t we all relate to the idea of holding on for life? Check out their website or their Facebook page and maybe they will continue to leak more music, as we get closer to the album release date.

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