Joy Again-Looking Out For You

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Joy Again

I love the name of this band! Joy Again is a bold, happy statement that is profoundly positive. This song is a testament to the happy, skippy feeling of love and also the fluttery heartsick weirdness that takes over when infatuation occurs and subtle sides of your insecurity creep in. Give it a go? Listen.

Joy Again-Looking Out For You

Upbeat and merry, what could be more perfect for the season and today? What begins as a simple, fast strum banjo, becomes a catchy song that is meant to be loved.

I guess I should stop

Looking out for you

Like I always do

When will you

Start looking out for me too

Instead of leaving me staring at my shoes

Just the way you’re glancing at me

Something about you

Just makes me feel guilty for

Liking you

When you’re with him

When you’re with him

This is a love song for a girl

Who will never know it’s about her

Know it’s pretty stupid

But I’m much too shy to tell her

She’s beaming that smile all the while

I’m all tripped up on my own throat

I guess there is no hope.




Joy Again is a band out of Philadelphia, PA and they are young and new on the scene. With obvious talent and a catchy song, I am intrigued to hear more of their music and learn more about them. They are Arthur, Sachi, Hugo, Logan, Shugi, and Maude.

“Basically I wrote this song about a girl I fell head over heels in love with,” explained Sachi DiSerafino, in an email to The FADER. “She would never bat an eyelash at me even though I would always pay attention to her and look out for her.”

Now that is just adorable, and can’t we all connect with that feeling? Go on, you know you want to listen again.

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