Slaughter Beach, Dog-Acolyte

Mondays have become magical for me. I know, I know, most people dread them and wish them away, but for now, my Mondays hit a lovely sweet spot.

Today, the day began with a torrential rain storm, coffee on the porch, and a quick catch up of sifting through e-mails and this week’s schedule. Each Monday afternoon, I set aside time for a book study with an informal, welcoming group of women. We explore spirituality, and our lens on life through some deep reads. I have been a part of this group for many years. Some of the faces change from semester to semester, but the leader is so connected and thoughtful and she has an uncanny way of getting to the heart of anything. It has become a calming fix in my somewhat chaotic life.

In addition to my book study, I have added a quiet, contemplative yoga class in the evening. Okay, I have only been a couple of times, but it has made a giant difference in lowering my level of worry and stress. The leader of the class has such a soothing voice that I can feel my heart beat calm, my muscles melt, and my mind drift to a tranquil place.

So Monday has become a day where my mood is chill, and I am excited about the music that comes my way.  So what better to share than a song which has that same effect? It is perfect for today. Here ya’ go….


Slaughter Beach, Dog-Acolyte


“You won’t leave the table
She won’t leave your mind
Gotta get out of Ohio
Feeling short on time

Eyeball your inheritance
Dead stare at the bar
Put back one more
Stumble under the stars

We could fly to Ireland
You know I’m good for the ticket
Try to smirk, but you’re smiling
Know I’ll stick with it

Annie, I want you to marry me
We’ll wait a few years
I don’t mean to frighten you
I just wanna be clear

She’s a drink behind you
Wander off to the stairs
Ten bucks for the last game
Suck smoke from the air

Man, it cuts like a dull knife
When you’re young and you’re told
“Makes sense when you’re older”
Darling, let’s get old

I’d say you look tired
Sing, my secret choir
Soak my scrapes and sleep tight
Sing, my brave acolyte

I’d say you look tired
Sing, my secret choir
Soak my scrapes and sleep tight
Sing, my brave acolyte”

photo by Erik Voake


Slaughter Beach, Dog is the project of Jake Ewald, a member of the band, Modern Baseball. Since Modern Baseball’s hiatus, he has been writing tunes that aren’t quite so autobiographical. Slaughter Beach was created as a fictitious place where Jake could weave imaginary characters and develop their fresh stories in his songs. He has moved a bit sonically and lyrically from Slaughter Beach, Dog‘s first album to blur the lines of fiction and add actual personal experiences. The intimate instrumentation and his focus on everyday, simple observations help the listener to imagine each casual detail connected together to form a thoughtful, vivid picture.

In the song, “Acolyte”, you fall into the lyrics wondering about the snippets of everyday experiences, and how they play against and with each other to produce a complete song.  The tune hints at the difficulty of trying to figure things out, or understand a close relationship. Is it a love song? It suggests not getting her out of his mind, running away together, and getting married in a few years. But, it also speaks of confusion and uncertainty. Through the unhurried whistling, humming, and sweet guitar strumming, those questions seem to ease, adding to its overall charm. “Acolyte” has an ebb and flow which feels so natural and unforced, like a practiced storyteller on a street corner candidly sharing his life, while he strums his guitar.

I am left longing for more.

Fortunately, Jake Ewald’s second LP, Birdie, comes out on Oct. 27th by Lame-O Records. Slaughter Beach, Dog began as a side project, but I think it might be where Jake solidly  lands for now, and I am loving it.

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